Monday, April 14, 2014

Decorating, Bump Twins, and Tasty Meals

We had a wonderful weekend! So wonderful that I chose to get to sleep as soon as possible last night instead of writing a blog post. But now we'll catch up on our fun and productive couple of days.

We finally started hanging our artwork on the walls! This task might be Terry's absolute least favorite task, so we spread it out over three days and are now taking a break before we tackle the other rooms. For now, I'm thrilled to have our living room all decorated!

(We hung up that last frame tonight.)

And we finally cleaned out the den area, too!

 Saturday night, Terry grilled tri tip so we could make some phenomenal sandwiches--cambozola cheese (a brie/blue cheese blend), greens, and onion jam.

I took advantage of Scout's cuddles with the bump.

We used the leftover tri tip to create a Southwestern salad with corn, black beans, avocado, pepper jack cheese, and Greek yogurt with BBQ sauce as a dressing. YUM.

 Saturday was also our hospital tour! We learned all about the facility where we hope to deliver our little one, and we could not be happier with our choice. Thankfully, LA seems to have quite a lot of excellent options for great facilities that respect families' wishes. But we think we'll be in great hands at the UCLA Medical Center!

On Sunday, Heidi and Ed were in the area because they needed to grab a few more registry items for their baby girl, who is due in two weeks! Terry and I tagged along to Buy Buy Baby and tried not to feel overwhelmed by the endless options. It's so exciting to see Heidi so close to her due date!

Our last twin bump pic? 

 Last night was our final birth class, where we focused on newborn procedures at the hospital and learned about postpartum care for mom and baby. I'm a little sad our class is over! Our teacher was awesome, but she has encouraged us to keep in touch and to ask questions as needed. We're even supposed to call her when we're in labor, and she can help us with those questions, too!

I'll write up a more thorough review of our birth class soon (or maybe after delivery, so I can tell you if it helped!).

Today was a normal day--early work, carpooling, and a workout!

Upper body day! It had been awhile! 

And Terry grilled up some chicken for dinner. I made a little brown rice stir fry with eggplant, asparagus, bell pepper, and onion.

A wonderful few days! Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment (keeping our fingers crossed that baby has flipped out of breech position), and the rest of the week looks fairly mellow.

For now, I have a batch of brownies in the oven that I need to enjoy before we stay up for the blood moon. (There's a chance I may just fall asleep instead of watching.)

Have a wonderful day!

What's the best meal you've had recently? We've had some tasty ones, but that tri tip sandwich was probably the highlight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Midday Lunch Date and Our Breastfeeding Class

After our whirlwind evening last night, I could have used a lot more sleep last night, but the alarm had no pity this morning at 5 am. I struggled out of bed, made toast with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, and headed out the door.

Thankfully, my brain finally woke up around 8 am (times like these I really miss caffeine), and I was already done subbing by 10 am. After a few quick errands at school, I picked up Terry for a midday lunch date!

While we are still sticking diligently to our budget, we've also decided to take advantage of our last few kid-free weeks with a couple of outings--movies, dinners, whatever. We are planning to go to the movies this weekend (Captain America!), and I'm hoping to plan a little outing for Terry's birthday.

Today I picked up Terry at his work for lunch at--how exciting is this?--Flame Broiler.

Terry has been there several times, but I've been meaning to try it, so we went. It was pretty good! Our conversations have revolved almost exclusively around baby topics for the last several weeks, so I was grateful to just enjoy each other's company and give Terry a short break from work.

Once I dropped him back off, I headed up the freeway to our old stomping grounds for a dentist appointment. Since I had time to kill before 4 pm, I stopped at The Pump Station, a store that specializes in newborn care, nursing, and other baby-related products. I also grabbed some frozen yogurt for myself.

One of the founders of The Pump Station, Corky Harvey, actually taught our breastfeeding class last night. She was the head lactation consultant at the hospital where we plan to deliver for many years, and she is obviously very knowledgeable on the subjects of infants, postpartum mothers, breastfeeding, and more.

I think my parents thought it was a little weird that I was taking a breastfeeding class (and that Terry came with me!), but it's definitely a learned skill, just like giving birth. Young girls used to (a loooooong time ago) grow up watching their mothers and other women giving birth, breastfeeding, caring for babies, but now our culture has shifted to a figure-it-out-for-yourself kind of situation. So skills like breastfeeding and giving birth are mysteries until we go through them, at which point it's often too late to learn some of those skills. I have no shame in taking some classes to learn as much as I can, and of course there will be aspects of both I can't prepare for (just like parenting!), but at least I can go in with some information to help me along the way.

Yesterday's class talked about a huge range of topics within breastfeeding:
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Latching
  • When to start nursing after birth
  • How often to nurse
  • Babies' hunger cues
  • How to tell if baby is eating enough
  • Pumping
  • Storage
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Nutrition
At one point, I whispered to Terry, "This sounds hard. You do it." But that's part of why I was glad he came with me (LOTS of dads were there; Terry certainly wasn't the only one!): I know we function best as a team, and I know I can rely on him to help me remember all the stuff we learned. If/when something doesn't work or isn't going very well, Terry can remind me of things to try. 

Some fun facts I learned:
  • Insurance is now required to cover a breast pump, BUT the quality and type of pump you are offered can vary immensely. One mom-to-be in our class was told she would only get a manual pump, and another (with the same insurance plan!) was offered a top-of-the-line pump. Quality pumps cost around $300 to purchase without insurance.
  • By evolving into upright mammals, humans were forced to give birth earlier because our hips don't allow the baby to continue growing. Evidence suggests that babies "should" stay in the womb 10-16 more weeks (but can't physiologically), so we're born very immature, which is why newborns are especially dependent on their mothers. (Please excuse my incredibly unscientific explanation there.)
  • Almost all women have some sort of struggle with breastfeeding, so moms who are having trouble should immediately seek help from a lactation consultant. Women shouldn't have to struggle through those tough times alone!
I guess that's enough with the breastfeeding talk. If you're planning to breastfeed, I highly recommend taking a class. I still plan to check out a breastfeeding book (our birth class teacher recommended La Leche League's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) and make use of the hospital's lactation consultant, but I'm also excited that the Pump Station offers two free breastfeeding support sessions with other new moms. I'll let you know how they go when I attend!

Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIAW on a Busy Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I have 6:30 am sub jobs the rest of the week. On the plus side, it means I'm done and home super early, but of course I'm exhausted today. Thankfully I normally wake up between 5:30 and 6 with Terry, so the earlier alarm wasn't too bad.

I'm starting to notice that I don't sleep quite as soundly lately. Throughout my pregnancy I think I've been lucky to not have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but now I'm regularly waking up once to go. And last night I really struggled to get back to sleep, so let's hope that's not a regular thing. My hips felt super uncomfortable, so I'll need to make some pillow adjustments!

In the ongoing condo-setting-up saga, I finally ordered a damn area rug! I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about that one. Don't worry, I'll keep you in the loop about how it looks when it arrives.

Since we have our breastfeeding class tonight until 9:30 pm, today's edition of What I Ate Wednesday will actually be "What I Will Eat Wednesday." Some of it is already in my belly, but some I'll enjoy after I publish this post, because I need to get to bed as soon as we get home tonight.

Breakfast--5:30 am 
Last night I made a pancetta-veggie scramble for dinner, and I saved half the fillings to have it again for breakfast this morning.

The scramble includes:
  • two eggs with a splash of milk
  • extra-sharp cheddar cheese
  • onions
  • red and green bell peppers
  • asparagus
  • pancetta
Since all the fillings were already cooked, breakfast was quick and efficient this morning to help us get out the door before 6. I reheated the fillings in a pan, added the eggs and milk and cheese, and scrambled away. 

Snack #1--8:00 am
I've moved into a point in my pregnancy where I'm trying to eat every 2-3 hours, so I end up consuming a series of snacks instead of full meals. Today's first snack: cottage cheese and an orange.

Snack #2--11:00 am
I made it home from subbing and desperately wanted to nap but headed for the kitchen instead of the couch. I went with sliced banana with yogurt, peanut butter, and honey. I could eat this snack every day; I'm so glad it's healthy!

On a less healthy note, I also grabbed a few of these cookies and a small glass of milk.

My sister-in-law introduced me to them, and I looooooove them!

Lunch--1:30 pm
Ahhh, pregnancy naps are absolutely incredible. I used to feel weird and groggy after naps, but even a quick 20-minute rest now gets me re-energized. Today I think I slept a full hour. For lunch I had some leftover pasta with turkey meatballs.

The other night I had some work stuff until late, so Terry made a delicious dinner for us, and the leftovers have spanned three meals! That's impressive for us, and I love that I can hand over the task of making dinner to my husband without worry.

After lunch I spent some time tidying up the house (I noticed it had somehow become something of a disaster area within the last few days) and prepping food for tomorrow. 

Snack #3--TBD
Not sure yet what I'll be eating after I publish this post, but it'll be a good one!

Dinner--6:00 pm
Since our breastfeeding class is at 6:30 tonight, we'll be eating dinner on the go. I'm leaving in a few minutes to pick up Terry from work so we can head up there. I'm packing a picnic lunch:
  • Turkey sandwiches with cheddar and mustard
  • Salad with greens, diced pears, olive oil, balsamic, sunflower seeds, salt, and pepper
Dessert?--10 pm 
This one will depend on how hungry and/or sleepy we are when we get home. I made some ice cream yesterday, but we may be ready to crash, so we'll see. Lately we've been chopping up some Brix chocolate into our ice cream, which I highly recommend. Add a few walnuts and you've got yourself a simple sundae!

After my nap today I also wanted to squeeze in a super quick lower body workout, but time wasn't on my side. My plan was:
  • 25 squats
  • 25 stability lunges (each side)
  • 25 plie squats
  • 25 curtsy lunges (each side)
  • 25 calf raises
(Repeat 3-4 times.) Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow. Here are some similar non-pregnancy workouts if you're looking for some lower body action!

Enjoy! And be sure to check out the other WIAWs!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Starting the To-Do List

Yesterday I stumbled upon Tina's baby to-do list and Lindsay's to-do list and promptly scrambled to make one of my own. (Thankfully my husband does not find this behavior at all irrational.) While I don't think you would be all that interested in it, I felt better just writing out what we need to get done in the next several weeks.

Today I started tackling some of those (baby-related and non-baby-related) tasks. Our glider was delivered (a gift from my in-laws), and Terry set it up in the corner of our den area.

I think we'll probably take the plastic off eventually. 

It's going to look great, but I think we'll need a rug eventually. I've been searching on for rugs, and we've narrowed it down to a few options within our budget. I hope to order one tomorrow and see how it looks.

Terry also helped with setting up the stroller and infant car seat! I can't believe how tiny that car seat is, and I can't wait to try out that stroller on a walk in a few months.

Speaking of which, Terry and I took our second walk around the new neighborhood today. We tried a different path and ended up on a 2.5 mile loop. Unfortunately, the street traffic is pretty bad--lots of cars in a 45-mph zone, and the sidewalks aren't very far removed from the road. It won't be safe enough to bring the baby out with us, so we'll need to keep searching for family-friendly routes around here. It made us miss our old neighborhood's lovely walking routes.

But on the other hand, the loop crosses multiple equestrian centers, and we saw four horses at different points! One came right over to us and walked along his pen (is that what you call it?) as we walked by. I feel bad that the horses are so close to the busy road, but it was cool to see nonetheless.

So obviously we're still adjusting to our new place and figuring out this whole about-to-be-parents thing. But I feel good about even tiny improvements and having just a few things off our list! For the rest of the week I have 6:30 am sub jobs, so I'm off to bed.

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Do you have a favorite running/walking/hiking trail near you? I know there are some amazing hikes and walking paths within a short drive of our new place, but I am a little disappointed that the street traffic near us is so intense.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Halfway There Condo Photos

For several months, I felt myself counting down the months, weeks, days until our move. Even before we had a location in mind, I knew the move was imminent and couldn't help focusing on the fact that we would be packing up and relocating. I feel like life gets this overarching sense of temporary-ness when a move is coming up.

Thankfully, after two weeks, we're finally feeling mostly settled. I'm providing photos, but forgive the messes. You want me to unpack and clean? Come on, folks.

The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are 100% functional,

set up almost exactly the way they were at our old place (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

The baby's room is virtually untouched and currently serves as a general storage area. Our baby showers are in a few weeks, so I imagine we should make some decisions relatively soon about what we plan to do in there, but let's not go too crazy too quickly.

We have two bathrooms now, which I love, and all our old towels and mats and decor work just fine in the master bath. The second (guest/baby) bathroom is this strange peachy color, however, so I think we're going to find some grey decor to try to tone down the walls. (We could probably paint it, but we really aren't that picky and have no idea how long we'll be here.)

The big question mark is our new den space (pretend the boxes aren't there) . We've decided that we'll put our glider there--the window and the fireplace make for a lovely, peaceful sitting area--but we will also need an area rug and probably a small table.

That super dark corner to the right is the fireplace.

As you can see, we haven't hung a single frame or piece of artwork. We have some ideas but haven't committed, so we'll get around to it eventually. I am aiming to get them done by the end of the month.

Obviously, we could easily go out and spend a few hundred dollars on decor to make this place exactly what we want, but we're trying to focus on function right now. Maybe once a month we'll grab something to brighten up the various spaces (like this set of three canvases we had to resist at Target yesterday), but for now we'll make do with what we have. Luckily we still really love all our old furniture and decor; we just need a bit more to fill the space eventually.

Now that we're somewhat settled in our new place, I'm sensing a shift in my focus from the move to the baby. We have our registries in place, we're almost done with all our classes (one more birth class, a hospital tour, a breastfeeding class, and an infant care class are all we have left! I actually find it pretty fun to take a class with Terry since we never did in college), and we're starting to realize exactly how little time we have left before we become parents!

If you could fix up or add to or change one thing about your house/apartment/cave, what would it be? Choosing just one at this point would be tough, but I'd say I would hang all our artwork. I think that will make this place really feel like "ours".

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Savoring the Weekend

Today marks the end of my spring break, to which I didn't feel especially entitled since I'm not teaching full time, but I still feel like it flew. We spent the first weekend up north visiting my parents; then Terry had to spend a few nights in San Diego for work. I visited him one night (honestly, it was so I could sleep better; I'm just not quite comfortable alone in our new place yet), and then my mom drove down to visit Wednesday through Friday!

When my parents visit, I usually insist on treating them like guests, at least when we hang out at home. I prefer to do most of the cooking and dishes so they can relax on "vacation." But this time, I was glad to let Mom take over. She let me rest while she cooked dinner, and she did most of the cleaning up, too. As I get further along in this pregnancy, I feel more and more inclined to allow others to do things for me, and I'm trying not to feel bad about it. My body needs the rest, and I know I'll need to get used to asking for help when baby's here!

Mom and I also ate out a few times--lunch at Lazy Dog Cafe (her burger was soooo good), dinner at a local Italian place (good not great), and an almond croissant at a nearby bakery, which might be my new favorite walking-distance spot in our neighborhood. French-style pastries just make my taste buds dance, and the mile walk each way is perfect for some exercise.

Friday, Mom left and Terry had a short day of work, but we still kept the evening very mellow with some more unpacking around the house. I was so thankful for leftovers this weekend--I love heating up a pre-made meal and having dinner ready in 10 minutes!

Saturday Terry and I headed out to a baby shower for our friends Heidi and Ed. Baby Kayla will be here within a month! We had a wonderful time catching up with Heidi, Ed, Katie, and Corey (and their almost-one-year-old Ainsley!), plus it was so fun to see Ed's family and meet some new people.

31 weeks

It was a coed shower (Terry's first), and he dove in for all the games!

Heidi looks amazing! She's about 37 weeks and so adorable!

Today we took it super easy. We slept in a little, walked to the store for some staples, made waffles, and hung out on the couch for a couple hours before our birth class. Next week is our last one!

And with that, a new week begins. On the plan for the week:


  • Sunday: 2-mile brisk walk
  • Monday: Upper body strength
  • Tuesday: 2-3 miles
  • Wednesday: Lower body strength
  • Thursday: Easy walk/Rest
  • Friday: Prenatal yoga videos
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Hike or long walk
Meals and snacks:
Annnnnd it's bedtime. Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whirlwind Catchup

Well, it's been quite a while, huh? Almost a week of no new posts, and I couldn't let another day go by without providing a little update. So here's what we've been up to!

Late Thursday night Terry and I drove up north to see my parents' new house. I'll post more "official" pictures once they have some decor and all their furniture set up, but it really looks wonderful. Terry kept saying that it really feels like their house, even after just a week.

I hit the 30-week mark!

(Tomorrow will be 31 weeks.) Oh, man, do I feel pregnant! I get pretty tired pretty quickly; I find lots of excuses to sit down; my back aches if I've been up and about too much. I'll give another pregnancy-specific update soon!

While up north, we celebrated a very belated birthday for my brother, and I made a little cake for us all to share.

We also got to visit with my aunt and uncle, who stopped by to see the house. My aunt is throwing my baby shower at the end of the month, so it was fun to talk details and get excited about it all!

Our drives up and back weren't too bad, and even Scout survived the trek. Poor thing--he hates car rides, but his Thunder Shirt seemed to help this time. He cuddled with whomever wasn't driving.

Oh, and baby is now kicking like craaaaazy! For a long time, baby was in breech, but I'm about 90% sure he or she has now flipped into the "proper" position (for birth). And now I feel kicks almost constantly!

Once back at home, Terry and I took our first walk in our new neighborhood! We journeyed down to a local park and even busted out a few lunges (two sets of 25, plus twice up the stairs at our complex). It was nice to get back into our routine.

Unfortunately, Terry then had to leave Monday night (immediately following the How I Met Your Mother finale--big night) for a few days in San Diego for work. I slept terribly Monday night, then drove down to spend the night with him Tuesday, then came back home early this morning.

Luckily, my mom took the opportunity to drive down to spend a few nights with me. She arrived around lunch today, we went shopping for some stuff we need for the condo, and tonight Jenn and Justin came over to see our new place and for dinner. It was so great to catch up with those two!

Finally making some progress...

And now, a whopping two photos of today's meals:

French toast, which was second breakfast (first breakfast was at 5:30 am in San Diego before Terry left for work--overnight oats with Greek yogurt, oats, milk, and peanut butter)

Lunch: chicken sandwich with mustard and cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, carrots, and a small salad

I only ate half the sandwich at lunch and then enjoyed the rest much later as an afternoon snack. For dinner, Mom made us all fajitas (onions, bell peppers, chicken, tortillas, cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream), and Jenn provided a salad with greens, avocado, beans, corn, and spicy oil and vinegar (I think she said jalapeno-infused vinegar? it was delicious). No photos--apparently I was focused on the conversation. Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some strawberries and white chocolate chips.

I'm off to bed with a resolution to post more regularly again! Now that we're moved in and somewhat settled (and not traveling anywhere for a while), let's hope some normalcy will return to BLWB as well as the rest of our lives!