Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tupperware and Cardboard Boxes

I missed my blog post last night because I needed to get to bed early, and I'm so glad I made that choice. Marshall has been up every morning around 3 or 4 am this week, and it's been at least an hour getting him back to sleep each time. Last night I went to bed by 10 and told myself that if he woke up at 4 and wouldn't go back to sleep I would just roll with it and get up then.

Sure enough, he did wake up at 4, and I was dead tired, but I felt a lot less grumpy about it because I had told myself I'd likely be getting up then anyway. That way, if he went back to sleep (which he did!), great, but if he didn't, I would just have a few more hours of being awake. Lucky for me, he snoozed next to me for another hour or so before getting up at 6. Much more manageable (although my husband, who got to deal with my zombie self and brought me tea in bed after changing Marshall, may call my bluff).

After some tea and watching Marshall wave his Taggies blanket like a madman for twenty minutes (what? isn't that how you start your morning?), I felt downright chipper. I e-mailed Terry and told him I'm going to be positive today--no complaining, no matter what comes my way. It's so easy to whine about a lot of aspects of my day, and I find myself taking that route too often. Instead I'm going to look for the good and ignore the inconvenient.

So backing up a little bit, yesterday was a good day, even if I wasn't feeling super positive. Marshall and I enjoyed a productive morning, complete with Tupperware fun

 and then attended a class at Gymboree. I really loved our My Gym experience, but I thought I should check out Gymboree just for the sake of comparison (both sites offer a free first class). We enjoyed the class--bubbles, parachute waving, crawling up a ramp, lots of singing, puppets, and an awesome teacher--but I liked the vibe a lot better at My Gym, so we're going to stick with that one.

This is Marshall's "I'm checking things out before I dive in" face. One pointed foot and one flexed.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Terry for another run. I am really loving how much this little running challenge has motivated us. 20 miles in 25 days isn't horribly ambitious for some people, but after taking such a long time off running (at least nine months?) I am feeling the burn. And honestly on days like yesterday I would normally just forget it and opt for a rest day or at-home workout (which, lately, is more like 15 minutes of whatever exercises I feel like doing that moment).  But as it was we knew we needed to get a run in, so we met up at the beach and completed about three miles, two of which were jogging. 

So now we have completed a total of 11 miles running; we have 10 days left and 9 miles more to go. We're only running two or two and a half miles each time, and veeeery slowly, mostly because of me. I knew pregnancy and the C-section would change my body, but I had no idea how much. I think I've mentioned it before, but the biggest obstacle is pain/weakness in my lower abs and hip flexors. Naturally, they must be super weak because I avoided core exercise during pregnancy and gave myself lots of time to recover from the surgery. But rebuilding those muscles is tough, mentally and physically. It's frustrating to remind myself that I need to take it slow and easy for a while until I feel stronger. I need more time to warm my body up, and my body gets tired much more quickly than it used to, so our runs end up being shorter. Thankfully Terry is patient and will run ahead a bit and come back for me when I need to walk. I think the important thing for now is continuing to take it slow, walking when I need to, and incorporating some safe core exercises (planks, crunches on the stability ball) to build up my lower ab and hip flexor strength. 

Well that was a hell of a tangent. On to today: 

We enjoyed a stroll through Target again, and Marshall's getting more comfortable in the cart.

He held on for dear life in that thing, which was adorable. He looks so little in the cart!

Marshall and I went to the park again, but this time I snagged an acai bowl and enjoyed it while we looked at the seagulls. 

Marshall had a few spoonfuls of lentil soup, which I had packed for him. The whole thing was delightfully messy, mostly because he was more interested in the birds than in getting the spoon to his mouth.

This seagull was a bully. He threatened any other seagull who came near us and stared at me the entire time. Terry said perhaps he was protecting us, and I suppose I should have thought the same thing in the spirit of being positive.

When we got home a special package had arrived: our video monitor!!! We chose a Dropcam at the recommendation of a few other parent friends, and it looks like a pretty awesome setup already (engineer husband had it ready to go about ten minutes after he got home). Marshall was much more interested in exploring his first cardboard box. 

Scout was pissed. Cardboard boxes are normally his thing. Poor little kitten. (See him in the background?)

Tomorrow Marshall and I are attending an infant library event (I have no idea what to expect, but I feel like finger puppets might be involved) and then he has his first swim class. But I think I'm most excited about a little girls' night out action (aka dinner with Jenn at 6:30, home by 8). It'll be my first night out without Marshall or Terry since the little guy was born. Speaking of which, Marshall turns 8 months tomorrow, and I'll have his little 8-month update on the blog next week.

Anyone else have these running issues post-pregnancy or post-C-section? Tips?

Do you hold on to your Target cart for dear life, too?

Any fun plans this weekend? Aside from my girls' night, we are planning to hang out at the park on Saturday and get a run in at some point. 

Have a wonderful, fun weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trying Something New

What a fun day we had today! Terry took the bus to work (believe it or not, that's fun for him), and Marshall and I had plans to meet him for lunch. But first, we headed out to a new-to-us experience: My Gym!

I mentioned earlier this month that one of my big goals this year is to expand Marshall's world through various opportunities to interact with other kids. Today's class was a huge hit and is certainly encouraging me to check out more like it. The class was 50 minutes of singing, guided movement, free play, swings, and plenty of interaction with other babies Marshall's age.

(I didn't take any photos because I didn't want to be that creepy new mom taking photos. I'll be that mom next time.)

Honestly, I was a little nervous about how Marshall would respond to a room full of adults and babies and music and movement. One major downside of my staying home with him this year is that he doesn't get to experience these types of organized play situations very often. And lately he has shown signs of stranger anxiety, especially around men, as well as overstimulation when he's in a busy environment. But today he did great! He seemed a little bewildered at first, but once we got into the "warm up" and movement he was all smiles. Honestly, I doubt he would have noticed if I had just disappeared!

I think we're going to sign up for the classes--they have a program where you can attend one class plus one free play or one additional class each week--so that Marshall can enjoy some regular interaction with these kids. Plus, this Friday Marshall and Terry will take their first swim class together! We're really on a roll with this New Year's resolution.

After our class, we met up with Terry for lunch--his company is still contracting with a different food truck each week--and enjoyed some fun fusion cuisine. Then Terry headed back into work while Marshall and I ran a few errands, and we eventually picked him up on our way home. The whole thing might become a new Tuesday routine for us, and I'm excited about it! Sometimes having no schedule all week can get a little tedious, so I'm thrilled to have some structure now.

Tonight for dinner I made lentil vegetable soup, another Ina recipe. It was amazing. Would you believe that before this week I had never had lentils OR leeks? Granted, I barely tasted the leeks tonight but they are essentially giant green onions, and apparently they taste like sweeter onions. They were obviously quite mild because I couldn't pick out their flavor in the soup. Lentils, though, are a new favorite around here! I love the texture! Marshall gets to try some tomorrow night!

Speaking of which, just for fun, here's a list of what Marshall has tried (either on its own or in a mix/puree):

  • chicken broth
  • chicken
  • onion
  • butternut squash
  • broccoli
  • peas
  • sweet potato
  • oats
  • pear
  • apple/applesauce
  • banana
  • potato
  • avocado
  • plain noodles
  • tomato
  • blackberries
Our pediatrician has recommended waiting on dairy, but I'm looking forward to introducing Marshall to more fun foods like yogurt, plus a lot of baked goods that contain dairy like pancakes and banana bread. Terry and I don't have any allergies, and there aren't many allergies in our families, so we're hoping those won't be an issue for the little guy.

Other fun facts from the week:

We went to the park yesterday for a short walk and to look at the birds in the pond. Marshall was completely engrossed in watching them, and I enjoyed about thirty minutes of quiet time with my little buddy.

Last night I was actually kind of dreading dinner, because it was just a clean-out-the-fridge-of-leftovers night. But I baked up a sweet potato and topped it with sauteed spinach, black beans, pepperjack cheese, shredded chicken, and Greek yogurt. Delicious.

And this happened yesterday:

Thankfully he hasn't pulled himself to standing yet. I'm still getting used to him crawling!

What's something new you've tried lately? I've heard that trying new things can keep your memory sharp and can be good for your overall health. I guess it's good I attended an infant gymnastics class and tried two new foods this week. Wild, I am.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Clean Floors, an Aquarium, and 11 Miles to Go

Ahhh another great weekend! I hope yours was awesome. We enjoyed a lovely mix of busy and relaxed. 

On Friday, since Terry had the day off (he works a 9/80 schedule where he works 80 hours over nine days instead of ten, so he gets every other Friday off), we decided to head to Long Beach for Family Fun Day! But first, inspiration and motivation struck simultaneously, which almost never happens, so I cleaned our floors. We're talking vacuum, Swiffer, and then hands-and-knees scrubbing. Our floor has never looked cleaner! 

Naturally, Marshall has already spat up on it about five times since then. 

We headed to Yardhouse in Long Beach for lunch. Here's how a lot of meals have been ending lately:
Marshall is teething, so he likes to gnaw on the spoon when he eats, which is fine until we ask for the spoon back to feed him more food. Luckily, he's also starting to eat some finger foods, so those cause less drama. 

Then it was time for the Aquarium of the Pacific!

We discovered that an aquarium is an excellent spot for an infant. Marshall was able to get up close to the glass to look at the fish, and they swam right up to the glass to get a look at him, too!
 We thought about taking Marshall to the zoo, but I think we need to wait a while for that. With an aquarium, there's more movement, bright colors, and guaranteed "action," whereas zoo animals might be a lot more mellow and might hang back in their bigger habitats.

Anyway, Marshall was totally into looking at all the exhibits, especially the bright tropical ones!

Oh, and he also loved looking at the young ladies next to him in this photo:

My two favorite exhibits:

It was a nice afternoon without feeling too rushed, and we're lucky to have the aquarium fairly close (20 minutes away). On the way home Marshall dozed off, and we wanted him to get a good nap, so we drove out to the cliffs and listened to Harry Potter while watching the sunset. Not a terrible way to spend an hour.

Most of Saturday centered around a trip to Downtown LA for a memorial service for a family friend. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a lovely service. We also grabbed lunch at Philippe the Original, a famous French dip restaurant.

Today we took our morning super slow--banana pancakes, banana bread, whole wheat bread in the bread maker, laundry, and crawling around everywhere were all involved--and then we headed back to the aforementioned cliffs for some exercise. We ran 2.5 miles (update on our 20 miles in January challenge: we have finished 9 miles--11 to go--and we have about 12 days left!) and then continued walking while Marshall napped in the stroller. It was his first time napping in the stroller without the infant car seat! Crazy.

We hit up Trader Joe's on the way home (I've discovered a new TJ's that I loooooooove and today--Sunday--it wasn't crowded at all!) for groceries. Our meal plan this week includes:

And now it's time to curl up with some Seinfeld before bed! Hope your week gets off to a great start!

Do you prefer aquariums or zoos? I think I'm more of an aquarium person now that I've seen Marshall's reaction to the fish! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday

I know a lot of boggers post this type of list every week, but I would just end up posting twelve pictures of Marshall and calling it a day. Hopefully today's list involves some variety.

Here's my most recent Instagram photo, taken today (Thursday). Scout has actually interacted a lot more with Marshall since the latter started crawling. Scout will get close to Marshall, but he is always prepared to run away when necessary. That's why we named him Scout. Because Boy Scouts are always prepared.

This commercial, which I have seen approximately 15 times lately because it's always on during our HuluPlus shows. I'm not sure why I find it so hilarious, but I do.

These cookies. Oh man, you guys. I can't even eat more than two at a time--that's how rich they are. But they are SO good. 

Parks and Rec is back! They're really pushing the story line along (well, it is supposed to be three years after the last one), but I love having the ol' gang back!

This trick for people who worry too much. I'm definitely going to try it next time I get all up in my head, which will likely be sometime in the next week. 

This article, "Mommy, Somebody Needs You," which of course made me cry. I also thought of it last night from 10:30 to midnight, when Marshall needed to be comforted and eventually rocked to sleep. I cried because he was so heavy and I thought about the fact that I won't always be able to hold him.

Terry and I are still working on running 20 miles in January. We're up to 6.5 miles, and we have 13.5 to go. 

I went walking with my group of mom friends again today, which was so fun. We chatted about easy dinner ideas and baby stuff and funny things our babies do, and it was pure wonderful to hang out with other adults (and see their cute babies!) for an hour. I felt so refreshed!

And now it's time to enjoy a long weekend with my boys! We're planning a little trip to the aquarium together. Hooray!

Have a wonderful weekend! What's something that made you happy this week?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Highs and Lows and Fun Facts

Happy Wednesday! I didn't document my food today, so let's take things in another direction. First up: Highs and lows of the week so far.

HIGH: Watching Marshall crawl around like a madman! He is on the move and I can't believe how far he can move all of a sudden. Needless to say, I'm constantly watching where he is off to, which is usually the most dangerous part of the room. Of course.

LOW: Yesterday's projectile vomiting. It's never happened before, and I was completely unprepared for it. All over his high chair tray, all over his lap, all over the floor. I'll spare the rest of the details (color, texture, smell), but you have no idea how desperately I wished Terry was home at that moment.

HIGH: Getting an e-mail from a reader!!! Hi Jen! This never happens, so I'm super excited, and now I have a new friend (like it or not, Jen, we're officially friends now).

LOW: Lots and lots of fussiness from our little dude. Teething? Probably. We can see two teeth up in his gums, but who knows when they'll poke through? It could be a million other things. We'll get through it.

We had a fun lunch date, though!

HIGH: I got to go to UCLA today! I was only there for an hour meeting with my former boss about helping with a reunion, but it was so nice to spend even a little bit of time in my favorite place!

HIGH: The food around here has been out of control lately--in a good way. Ina Garten makes our house a happy home because everything she puts in a cookbook is truly magic. Like this Mexican chicken soup:

And these chocolate peanut butter globs (terrible name, absolutely ridiculous cookie):

And now for some fun, random facts about me as a cook/baker:

1) I am terribly messy when I cook or bake (I get this trait from my mom, who is even worse). Luckily I love cleaning my kitchen almost as much as I love cooking in it.

2) I make a lot of cooking decisions based on how many dishes I'll have to clean. Tons of recipes tell me to mix dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another, and I almost always ignore those instructions. I just want to avoid doing dishes.

3) When I cook, but more so when I bake, I always always always "taste test"--that's what I call it when I eat half the batter every time I bake cookies.

4) Terry says he loves watching me bake because I exude confidence in the kitchen. I don't especially feel like a confident person under normal circumstances, so I love this compliment. He says I'm in my element when I bake. I love that.

5) Recently we took our microwave out of our kitchen. We rarely used it anyway, and I thought the cubby where we kept it would be better as a bookshelf for all our cookbooks. Now I use my cookbooks far more often because they're right in the room with me when I cook.

6) I never measure vanilla. Because can you ever really have too much vanilla?

I feel like I can say the same about cinnamon rolls. You can never have too many.

7) I absolutely hate these kitchen tasks: cooking/crumbling sausage, mincing garlic, washing herbs or lettuce, and washing the cheese grater.

8) I don't cry when chopping onions, unless I'm wearing my glasses. Weird, right?

I am also terrified of slicing spaghetti squash. 

9) I think I'm worst at making sauces. They always end up too thick or too thin or too lumpy or too something.

10) Inspiration for making whipped cream always strikes after Marshall goes to sleep, so I can't use my stand mixer. Therefore we have to do it by hand. I say "we" because I start it, but Terry inevitably finishes it because my arm gets too tired.

You turn: Fun fact about you in the kitchen? High and low for the day?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Must-Haves

I've been meaning to write this post forever (well, for about six months), so when my friend Katie asked for a list of favorite baby items to help her new-mom-to-be friend register, I took it as a sign that I need to make this list. 

Of course, I read about a million "must-have" lists, blog posts, etc., before Marshall came along. I researched like crazy to decide what we needed for our registry, which brands were best, what products would help us be the best parents and help our new baby feel comfortable, safe, and happy upon entry into the world. Here's what I learned:

1) Every list is different. One list will say, "YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A BABY SWING!!!" And then the very next list says, "I bought a swing, but we never used it," or, "Our baby hated the swing!" I read a ton of lists and averaged them out.

2) Every baby is different. I have learned this lesson time and time again as I've talked to other moms over the last year or so. One baby may spit up a lot and therefore require tons of burp cloths (ahem...) while another might spit up once the entire first year of his life. These are things you cannot know until your baby is born, so you have to just guess and hope for the best, knowing you can always purchase things later or make returns as needed.

3) People give strange advice about babies, so take everything with a grain of salt. I can't tell you how many times I heard people say something to the effect of, "You know, you really don't need much for the first few weeks. Honestly, as long as you have the car seat to bring the baby home and a few onesies and diapers, you'll be fine."

Okay, I get what you're saying (I shouldn't freak out about checking off every registry item before baby arrives), BUT I don't know many moms-to-be who would feel completely comfortable bringing baby home to a house with no more than some diapers. It's a sweet sentiment, but I wanted to know from moms who knew more than I did--what products worked best? Why were they good? Would they have preferred something else? Anything they wish they hadn't purchased? 

So here's my list, what worked for our family, our baby, our situation. 

Baby Must-Haves:

- Backseat mirror--I always tell Terry I feel so reassured when I can see Marshall in the backseat, especially since we often drive just me and him and get stuck in traffic. It's good to know if he's spat up all over himself, which is often the case. 

- Burp cloths (simple, thick, white ones are my favorite). Oh man. So many. I think we have 50 (seriously). But obviously only needed if you have a spitter. Still, I'd say 10 is good for any family.

- Some sort of infant tub for baths. We used ours as an infant tub for at least five months because Marshall couldn't sit up for the longest time. We like that ours transitions to a toddler tub, because we give him his baths in our room, which is a standing shower only, and I think it uses less water (and time) to fill the little tub instead of filling a whole bathtub.

- Sleep space for baby next to mom and dad's bed, with at least two changes of sheets. I loved our co-sleeper. It was exactly like the situation at the hospital, so it was an easy transition for us from hospital to home, and Marshall was able to fit in it until five months (and he's a big boy!). Plus we still use it (even though he's pretty tight in there) for travel, and it's nice and small for packing in the car.

- Good swaddles--we loved the Miracle Blanket when Marshall got super feisty. :-)

- Obviously the necessities like infant car seat (I would opt for a lighter one if I could--we have the Britax), convertible car seat (we've barely used this one yet but it seems comfy), high chair (we love the Graco 4-in-1 because it came with all parts to go from infant to toddler to booster), stroller of choice (I love the BOB Revolution SE for everything, especially jogging, but it is bulky and heavy--I could barely lift it on my own after my C-section). 

When was he ever that little???

- Bottles - our breastfeeding class suggested Dr. Brown's and we found that Marshall almost never spits up when he drinks from those bottles (likely because the flow is slower than what he gets when he nurses).

- Socks: I feel like I can't have too many baby socks now that it's cold.

- A few little hats to keep baby's head warm (we took several from the hospital because one night in the hospital Marshall had pulled the hat over his face and spat up into it and it scared me half to death, so I was glad to have the semi-mesh ones in case he did it again at night).

- Obviously diapers, wipes (I like Water Wipes), diaper rash cream (I like Natural Butt Paste because it doesn't smell and Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream and Healing Balm), baby shampoo (we all use the Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash), etc.

- Baby nail clippers/nail file. Cutting a baby's nails sucks. We have tried filing, clipping, and scissors, and we now stick with this nail clipper, but no method has been perfect.

- Thermometer. We've been lucky not to have to use our thermometers, but I love knowing they're there. We have one forehead version and one rectal. 

- Baby-safe laundry detergent (we use Honest Company for all our laundry, but another good brand is Molly's Suds). 

- We got sets of plain white onesies (short and long sleeve) for nighttime sleep, plus some newborn long sleeve t-shirts. Again, Marshall was a summer baby during a heat wave, so cooler weather would warrant warmer clothes.

- Clothes: Some people say not to register for clothes because people will buy what they want to buy, but since we didn't find out the gender until Marshall was born, we did put some items on the registry to show our guests what we thought were appropriate gender-neutral clothes. And surprisingly, we didn't get a ton of clothes like I thought we might! So if you don't want a lot of clothes, don't find out your baby's gender ahead of time. :-) 

***One tip: A lot of people bought us adorable newborn clothes that were super warm, like jackets or fleece sleepers. But since Marshall was a May baby, he never wore them! So something to think about is sizing for different types of clothes based on expected weather for baby's arrival. If it's a summer baby, lots of onesies and maybe only one or two warm outfits. 

- Sound machine--I would get a different one if I could go back. The Sleep Sheep only plays for 45 minutes, and it shuts off really abruptly, which woke Marshall up a couple of times. I'd get one that allows you to set how long it plays. But I did find the white noise helpful since our place is small and you can hear every sound in every room.

- Monitor. We got an audio-only as I mentioned yesterday because I'm paranoid enough and decided a video monitor would make me worse. But then now that he's in his own room I kinda wish I had the option of a video so I could see if he truly needs me or if he's just getting settled. So that's a thought.

- Crib, mattress, sheets (2 sets), mattress pad (waterproof--2 sets). I love TL Care's line--SO soft!

- Boppy pillow. I didn't think I'd need it or use it, but I love it. I use it at night when I'm especially tired, and I can rest without holding Marshall up. I also used it a ton when I first got home and it protected my C-section incision. A lot of people like the My Breast Friend, too, so I think it's a personal choice.

Terry thinks this photo is hilarious.

- Bonus: Somewhere to place the baby for five minutes to use the bathroom/take a shower/stir something hot on the stove. We had a Snugapuppy bouncer for several months, and Marshall just got an Exersaucer for Christmas, which was perfect timing because the bouncer can't contain that busy boy!

- Baby carrier. We LOVE our Ergo Performance and use it every single day. I strap Marshall into it to carry him down to the car while I also juggle a diaper bag, water bottle, and whatever else I'm lugging. I also use it for almost all errands (I love chatting with Marshall while I shop, he is safe and calm, and he can see so much more than in his infant car seat), and of course I use it around the house when he's having a rough day and needs a nap. 

- Diaper bag of choice.

- Multiple portable diaper changing pads. We have several: one in the diaper bag, one in the back seat of the car (for the many, many, many diaper changes we've made in parking lots), one in our room for middle of the night changes, and one in my little diaper bag clutch for times I don't want to lug the big diaper bag.

Another bonus: Our favorite baby toys (that I could find online) are below:
  • Taggies Blanket
  • This stacking toy (obviously he has no idea how to stack it yet, but he loves the rings and the stick!)
  • This bucket and blocks set
  • This play mat--Marshall would hang out on that mat for up to an hour, smiling at all the toys!
  • Soft rattles (he loves the sounds but often whacks himself in the head)
  • Board books (delicious and educational)

He's having fun, I swear.

Stuff I thought I HAD to have that turned out to be useless or I could have lived without:

- Changing table. Instead we use a big dresser and have the changing pad on top of that, along with all the diaper supplies. Works great and saves space.

- Changing pad covers. They got poop/pee/spit up on them so quickly and so often that they were in the laundry more than on the changing pad, so I just leave them off and wipe down the pad itself every now and then.

- Receiving blankets. I'm not sure what they were supposed to be used for, but maybe they're better for cold weather newborns. We used ours once or twice and I have eight, so they pretty much just sat there looking cute. In a drawer.

- Playpen/Play yard. We didn't buy one, and we've never felt like we needed one. We used the co-sleeper for travel, though, so if the baby's normal sleeping situation isn't travel-friendly then I think a play yard would be necessary. At this point, Marshall has just about had it with his co-sleeper even for travel, and I don't think I'll buy a play yard still because it wouldn't last that much longer in terms of his length. Now when we travel he almost always sleeps in the bed with us.

For mom/dad:

- Nursing bras/tanks. I have about eight and use them all, even after seven months. I started with just two (my parents had to go to our apartment and wash them for me because I went into labor before I had the chance!) and have found more and more that I like. I'd recommend a variety--some tanks to wear if it's warm where you are, some comfy cotton bras for nighttime or underneath casual clothes, and regular bras that double as nursing bras. Ideally, wait a few weeks or even a month or two before purchasing a bunch, because your size will likely fluctuate.

- Breast pads in case of leaking (start with just a few because some people don't leak!). 

- Pump, storage containers for milk, supplies for formula, etc. (Remember you get a free pump with insurance!)

- Something fun and lighthearted to watch on TV. I was completely emotionally unstable the first few weeks and watching my favorite TV shows helped me immensely. This was also recommended to new moms at a breastfeeding support group I went to, so I guess I'm not the only one!

Okay! I'm sure I forgot something, but that's a pretty solid list there. Anything you would add?