Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Week

It's Christmas week! And happy Festivus to you! I've been MIA lately thanks to Christmas errands, a little holiday party, and time with my sweet family. I'm here tonight to play a little catch up before the big day arrives!

Sometimes you go for a walk and need to rest a moment. So you plop down, right? 

After that photo, Terry walked away a bit and said, "Bye, Marshall!" Marshall rolled onto his side and waved. Silly kid.

We've been dealing with some crazy teething over here as Marshall's canine teeth make their way down. Thankfully, M has only had one or two mid-night wake ups, but we do notice some moments through the day where he seems uncomfortable. Poor guy.

In food news, I've made a heavy effort lately to incorporate lots of greens and vegetables into our meals, especially since sweets and holiday treats are everywhere. I've loved enjoying some light meals interspersed among all the holiday classics. And my workouts have been on fire lately! A jog (I may or may not have fallen in the middle of the street), some HIIT action, and lots of heavy weights. 

Last weekend we had some friends over in celebration of the holidays! We hosted open house style, where people come and go at their convenience (or stay the entire time!), which gave us extra time to chat with our guests. While small, we had a blast hosting our first Christmas party in our place!

And of course, getting into the Christmas spirit means lots of family time. Now that I'm back at work I really soak up my time with Marshall and Terry. Some photos from lately...

Checking out our shadows at the park.

Watching a drone!

Family outing to check out Christmas lights in the South Bay.

A gorgeous sunset on our drive.

A walk to the library, and hanging out watching the librarian unpack the returned books.

Supervising the construction work, just like his Uncle Chris.

Unpacking my entire Tupperware drawer (perfect, since I needed to reorganize anyway!).

More hair! 

 And some recent Christmas prep!
Baking tons and tons of cookies! Here: oatmeal pecan raisin (from Ina), and oatmeal coconut, which was just Ina's base oatmeal recipe with coconut instead of pecans/raisins.

Assembling goody plates for Marshall's sweet teachers.

Daddy building Marshall's big Christmas gift!

...while we drink hot cocoa by our first fire!

Off we go to to finish up some wrapping and watching Miracle on 34th Street. I can't wait to watch our little guy enjoy all the Christmas traditions! Here are the ones we've already squeezed in:
- Check out Christmas lights
- Donate toys (a new one, but definitely a keeper)
- Wrap gifts while watching a Christmas movie (technically M didn't participate, but next year he can help!)
- Listen to Christmas music ALL the time
- Watch our favorite Christmas movies
- Bake Christmas cookies

And still to come:
- Leave cookies and milk for Santa
- Make egg casserole Christmas morning, and egg nog!
- Create a scavenger hunt for one gift 
- Open stocking gifts in bed
- Make a special Christmas dinner (although this one is TBD because Costco was out of stew meat today)

Time for bed! Merry, merry Christmas to you. Enjoy!


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