Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunny Valentine's Weekend--with My Parents

Happy President's Day! We had some warm weather out here, and these trees are in bloom now. They smell TERRIBLE. But look pretty.

I had a mostly-relaxing, fun-filled weekend with my parents in town! It was their first visit of the new year, and we convinced them to stay three days instead of the usual two. It made a huge difference as far as feeling like we actually got to spend some time together!

Friday afternoon my parents got to go with Terry to pick up Marshall from day care, and then we all met up on my walk home. Then, to celebrate my mom's birthday (which was last week--here's your official birthday wish mom: Happy birthday!!!), we went out to dinner at Sprazzo, our family's favorite local restaurant. We made it home for Marshall's bedtime and played a game before my parents headed back to their hotel.

On Saturday morning, Marshall, Terry, and I whipped up some smoothies--his, hers, and toddler's. 

The rest of the day was a blur: Marshall's swim class, some grocery shopping, miscellaneous shopping with my mom, a walk to the library, and eventually an outing for me and Terry to our neighbors' house for dinner.

Plus, on Saturday, our new photo book arrived! I have a goal this year to make one photo book per month. I am awful about making these things, and I'm always admiring my friends' books, so I am working on a whole bunch this year to make up for lost time. First up was our honeymoon, and it turned out beautifully. I made this one (8 1/2 x 11") on Shutterfly. With my order, they sent a 40% off coupon I can use on the next book. I have also used Costco in the past and loved that one, too. But now I only have 14 days to make the next one!

Sunday morning--Valentine's Day!--Terry made me tea in bed while I watched a little of the L.A. Marathon coverage (it goes right near our apartment and apparently we find that really exciting). 

Scout and Marshall joined for a rare full-family cuddle session!

More Marathon coverage--special shout out to these officers in full gear/uniform!

That morning Marshall helped Daddy build a new storage bench!

Later we headed to my parents' hotel pool for more swimming!

And construction equipment-watching!

Last night, in true Valentine's Day style, we all stayed in for a nice dinner--crock pot chicken, asparagus, Brussels sprouts (from TLT--SO GOOD), and sweet potatoes, and of course delicious wine thanks to my parents. My mom also brought rum cake (yum!). 

This morning, Terry had to go to work, but I had the day off and so did Marshall. My parents came over and we all went out to breakfast! 

And then we had a sad goodbye, and Marshall and I played with the train track. Normally Terry builds the track, so I was SUPER proud of my skills.

But then Marshall totally showed me up. 

And now some miscellaneous photos I never posted but wanted to document:

Marshall's new friend, Teddy, whom he found at day care and decided to love like a best friend. They're inseparable.

Helping us carry groceries home.

Taking Teddy for a walk.

Doesn't he look like Ham from the Sandlot?

Super Bowl snack: layer of hummus, then a layer of chopped cucumber, then a layer of feta cheese tossed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, basil, and salt and pepper. Served with pita chips and sliced cucumber.

I hope your week is wonderful! I'm thrilled it's a short one. Yesterday I came down with something weird--body aches, sore throat, headache, but no other symptoms--so hopefully I can kick that before I go back to work tomorrow. Have a good one!


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