Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Declan - Two Months

Dear Declan,

You're two months (and two days) old! And you are a CHUNK.

We'll get official stats tomorrow at the doctor (you haven't been for a checkup since you were two weeks old!), but we're pretty certain you're bigger than your brother was at this age. You've already outgrown your 0-3 and  three month clothes and are well into six month clothes!

Marshall at two months:

(By the way, funny coincidence that I took the above photo of you and then searched my photos for one of Marshall at two months and found this one in the SAME diaper at the same age! What are the chances?!)

So, as may be obvious, you're a great eater! You nurse every two hours or so, sometimes more often. You eat only on one side at a time, which is weird for me still, because your brother insisted on both sides every time. You also don't have as good of a latch as Marshall did, but it doesn't hurt me, so we're sticking with it until it becomes a problem. You have only had to take a bottle two or three times, but it has gone well, so I'm truly thankful for that! 

I'm also thankful that you don't spit up as much or as often as Marshall did. BUT you do still spit up more than the average baby. We do still have all our old burp cloths, so we're in good shape! 

You have such a sweet, mellow personality. You are a super sleepy dude (your wake time is usually 30 minutes, but sometimes you'll push it to an hour or so), but when you're awake we love making you smile (it's so easy!). You're generally content with anyone, but I will shamelessly say that you seem to smile most with me! I'm milking it for all I can while it lasts. You're also starting to coo a little bit, and sometimes I can get an almost-laugh out of you!

Your first time cheering on the Bruins!

Scout is still way more into you than he was with Marshall. He'll crawl all over you and cuddle with us while you're in our arms, so that's huge!

And you and Marshall are continuing to develop your sweet bond. Marshall loves cuddling next to you, talking to you, repeating, "Hi, Dec!" over and over again, and explaining things to you. We ask him to show you something, and he'll dive into "teacher" mode, where he'll say matter-of-factly, "So, Declan, we go like this..."

I feel so blessed to watch this relationship grow.

You and Daddy have a pretty sweet bond, too. He is the master at getting you to sleep and playing with you, reading to you, and telling you all about our world.

Our days lately start relatively early with a morning snack for you while I'm still in bed (maybe around 5:30 or 6), and then usually you'll go back to sleep for at least 45 minutes. It's perfect for allowing me time to get myself ready and get Marshall out of bed and spend some time together. Then we scramble to get out the door (the 15 minutes or so before we walk out the door are easily the most stressful of my day, but we always make it work). 

After dropping off Marshall, we often come home and cuddle on the couch or play if you're awake. We go for several walks each week, and I'm loving the longer walks where we get to explore even more of our neighborhood.

But often we end up back here:

(I still have to shove a burp cloth down my shirt to prevent let down on the other side.)

We also do a lot of this:

You still sleep a LOT. I love it because we cuddle so much (and yes, you do sleep in your co-sleeper once in awhile, when I convince myself to put you down), and I can still get a lot done around the house, so no complaints here! 

I love when you're awake, too! You love your bouncer and play mat and always give your "friends" such sweet smiles.

You do tummy time and hold your head up a bit, but honestly you don't give it too much effort. We'll get there eventually.

Recently you found your left fist and have been sucking at it more and more. Marshall sucks (only) his right thumb, so we wonder if maybe you'll suck your thumb, too, and perhaps it'll be your left.

As for sleep, you are a truly fantastic sleeper. We have you in your co-sleeper still, right next to my side of the bed. You go down for the night around the same time Marshall does--7 or 7:30--and wake up every three hours or so. You eat, Daddy changes your diaper, and you go right back to sleep on your own(!). Repeat. The longest stretch we've ever gotten from you was five hours or so, but that's rare. During the day I'm trying to follow an eat, play, sleep routine, which is hit and miss. Sometimes I give up pretty easily and just let you fall asleep while nursing. It's just too sweet.

(We use a Halo Sleep Sack with the swaddle arms, because you're already a little snug in the Miracle Blanket.)

Declan, we absolutely love your sweet, calm presence. You make us all so happy and truly light up every room with your beautiful eyes and precious smile. I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

We love you, little boy!


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