Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Declan: Three Months

My little boy is already three months old! 

And he's quite the little chunk. 16.8 pounds! No idea how tall he is, but he's officially in nine-month clothes. I am a little bummed that we didn't get to put him in many of Marshall's hand-me-down six month outfits, but there just wasn't time (plus, cooler weather didn't allow for all the short sleeves that Marshall wore in the summer). Luckily they'll all go to our nephew, due this spring!

Terry and I are absolutely in love with this little human and his sweet face and adorable smile. When he smiles at you, your heart explodes in the best way. 

He's a great eater and breastfeeding is going well. He only eats on one side at a time, usually every 2-3 hours, often going a little longer at night. He does spit up quite a bit, but way less than his brother, so we'll take it.

Playtime is so fun at this age, and I love knowing it's only going to get better. He likes to hang out on his play may, smile at his animals, listen to music. He smiles at his big brother more and more now too!

Declan also gets lots of tummy time and is really getting stronger. We wear him a lot in the Ergo and Ktan, so those help his strength too. He rolled one day a few times and hasn't done it since so we'll see if he picks that back up again. 

This month was Declan's first Christmas! He got a few new outfits and toys and books. He was too little to really participate but we felt so blessed to have him here this holiday season. 

Christmas time also meant Declan's first big road trip to see my family and it went really well. Even with some major road delays, Declan did great. Two kids under three in a car form(eight on the way home) is not fun, but everyone made it. 

Declan is normally a very chill, easy baby. Too easy almost! I joke that he doesn't even need me. But this month he started to become a little more vocal when he was unhappy--in need of a change, uncomfortable in the ergo, hungry, and especially tired. He can really get worked up if he's overtired/overstimulated, so we try to watch for tired signs.

Marshall and Declan are getting along great so far. We are so proud on Marshall's adjustment to becoming a big brother.

My favorite thing to do with Declan (aside from just soaking up his smiles) is to read him books. He really looks at the pages and seems so engaged. It's a bonus that his big brother LOVES books too and will run over to sit with us during story time.

We've practiced the bottle several times to make sure that Declan is ready for me to go back to work. He and Terry will be home together for 12 weeks(!!!) before he starts daycare. I'm having a tough time getting ready to leave him, but knowing he'll get to bond with Terry is helpful.

Declan, we love you and your sweet smile more than I can describe. You light up every room and cheer me up no matter what. I will miss your sweet chubby self every second I'm away from you, but I look forward to soaking in all your giggles and delicious baby-ness every afternoon when I get home. 

I love you, sweet baby boy! 


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