Monday, June 23, 2014

One Month

Today, a certain someone turned one month old!

Marshall's one month stats:

  • Approximately 10 pounds (we'll find out at the doctor tomorrow)
  • Roughly 24 inches tall
  • Sleeping about 2-3 hours at a time (at most)--Mommy and Daddy are pretty tired
  • Eating like a champ--and around the clock!
  • Wearing some cloth diapers and some disposables. Our favorite disposables are Honest Company; for cloth we use a mix of Charlie Banana and Bum Genius. After we get some more experience, I'll be sure to share how we feel about the whole cloth diaper thing, but it's been great to blend the two so far.
  • Wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, and almost all the newborn stuff is too small already! He's also in Size 1 diapers.
  • Sleeping in a co-sleeper next to our bed, which is great for late night feedings, especially since we're waking up three or four times each night to feed him
  • The tough stuff: We've got a spitter! He spits up a LOT, which is rough, but thankfully he's a "happy spitter," so he's still gaining weight and getting his nutrients. 
All the fun stuff:
  • He's not smiling yet, but we're getting closer! He does lots of "comfort smiles" as he falls asleep or when he's finished eating, so that's a sign I think.
  • We love all his faces! He has so many expressions now that show us his little personality. I can't wait to see a real smile, but these faces are so fun.

  • He loves dancing, especially with his daddy. It's been the best tool for calming him and having fun as a family. We like to listen to Pandora ("Golden Oldies" and "Tainted Love" radio stations are awesome!), and we have a "Marshall" playlist on iTunes.
  • He falls asleep almost instantly when we put him in his car seat and car rides are usually pretty easy. If we're at a red light too long, though, and he's awake--we're in trouble!
  • We love reading to him (children's books, but articles and our books, too), taking him for walks and picnics, finding new places to explore together, dancing, singing, and talking.
  • Tummy time is fun! Marshall doesn't seem to mind it most of the time, and we can definitely see some improvements already as he lifts his head.
  • I absolutely love holding him. I think I'm aware of the fact that he will only be this little (and this interested in being held) for a little while, so I'm soaking up the opportunity. I like snuggling with him, smelling his sweet newborn scent.
  • Marshall also loves the bath! We've only done a few, but he seems so calm and happy in there.
  • This month Marshall got to meet a lot of our friends and family and was blessed with tons of presents to welcome him to the world. He's so lucky! 
  • Terry was home ALL month, so we really got to bond as a family. Terry took at least as much responsibility for Marshall's care as I did, and we both feel really familiar with his needs and what works to keep him happy and healthy. I think the fact that he was able to be home made the transition into parenthood so much easier, even though it's still super tough.
Today was Terry's first day back to work and my first full day alone with Marshall. Everything went great! We have no sense of a schedule still, but today included:
  • Snuggling in bed and snoozing a bit more after Daddy left for work.
  • Tummy time and play time in Marshall's nursery

  • Lots of feedings and diaper changes
  • Two naps in his co-sleeper (45 minutes in the morning, about 90 minutes in the afternoon), and Mom even rested during the second nap!
  • A walk in the park (I brought my lunch and ate on the grass while Marshall napped)

  • Some dancing, singing, silly games (note to self: Maybe playing "Hokey Pokey" with a kid who loves to spit up isn't the best idea), reading
Terry made it home by about 5:30 and even brought me some gorgeous flowers. 

Happy One Month Birthday, Marshall!


  1. Don't even think of holding him in the next 3 days...

  2. cutie! happy one month, baby!!