Thursday, September 18, 2014

All Over the Place

The heat wave is allegedly nearing its end in Southern California, and I couldn't be happier to see it go. We bought a portable air conditioner, but obviously it only cools one room at a time, so last night we moved it into our bedroom before Marshall went to sleep. Thankfully, we all slept better, but now the living room is sweltering again. I was thrilled when we went to the park today and felt a cool breeze. Bring on autumn!

This week I met up with some moms at a park in Culver City to learn how to use my Ergo and Maya wrap! I already use the Ergo a lot, but when I saw this "class" I figured I should just see if I can do anything differently or better. And I was too intimidated by the Maya wrap to use it regularly. The ladies were super helpful and sweet and answered a lot of my questions. Marshall is still too young (doesn't have head control perfect yet) to use the side or back carries, but it was good to boost my confidence. Granted, my baby wearing is pretty limited in this heat, but oh well.

I've been so annoyed lately whenever I see people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, in the middle of a walking path, basically anywhere other than the actual spots with signs that say quite clearly, "Return Shopping Carts Here." Honestly, is it that hard? I think this issue really gets me upset because I live in an area with really tiny, crowded parking lots and sidewalks, so when a cart is in the middle of the walkway I can't get by with my stroller. Can we all just agree to return our carts? It takes about 15 extra seconds and it's a great way to add more more steps to your day. Thanks.

I don't usually check out much on Tumblr, but this one about ridiculous stock photos depicting motherhood as clean, calm, and relaxing is hilarious.

Our meal plan this week went out the window for the most part. On Tuesday night, it was so unbearably hot in our apartment that we opted to go out to dinner just so we could sit in some air conditioning for an hour. Last night Terry brought a ton of work home, so instead of making him grill our meal (and instead of turning on the oven), I cooked a quick breakfast for dinner. Today we're getting back on track, though, I swear. Actually, both of us have been feeling a little less than stellar about our health in general lately, so we're setting a few goals:

  • More exercise! Terry even got up to run before work on Tuesday, because he's such a stud. Yesterday I went to the Strand with Marshall and completed about four miles, thirty minutes of which was alternating 2 minutes running with 1 minute walking. It hurt in a great way.
  • Less sugar. My sweet tooth has been unreal lately. Well, for the last three months. We treated ourselves to lots of sweets after Marshall was born, and now it's time to cut back. We've decided to limit our sweets to only things we (I) make from scratch at home (er...except yesterday's croissant). Trust me, it'll make a difference!
  • Less alcohol. Granted, I drink very moderately since I'm nursing (to each his own), but we could still cut back. Actually, I have heard that beer and wine (in moderation) help with milk supply! (No wonder I have so much!) So we're sticking to three drinks per week. 
The days of being super strict with my workouts and eating are on hiatus, but I think these goals will help me feel a little more normal. 

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm going to try to get to sleep a little early tonight. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Any fun plans this weekend? I just want to sleep. It won't happen, but it's what I want.


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