Monday, September 29, 2014

Marshall: Four Months

You are already four months old, and you've completely stolen our hearts. I can't believe how quickly you've gotten so big!

Four months

Six weeks, two months, and three months

That giraffe has nothing on you now.

This post is going up a bit late because you've kept us rather busy around here. You had a bit of a rough time these last few days, fussing a lot more than usual and refusing to sleep despite all indications that you were exhausted. Luckily, you still sleep pretty well at night (though we're still waiting for you to go back to waking up only once at night); you just give us a hard time when we're trying to put you down. And naps? Ha! You struggle to get to sleep for a nap unless you're in the Ergo, cuddled in our arms, or in your car seat. Getting you to sleep in your crib for a nap takes quite the effort on our part, but we've heard it'll get better soon enough.

You're still growing like a weed. At your last appointment:

Height: 26 inches (80th percentile)
Weight: 17 pounds 8 ounces (85th percentile)
Head: 16.5 inches (45th percentile)

You still like to eat, but you're so much more efficient now. Lately you seem to eat less frequently, and at night it doesn't always seem like you really need food but rather prefer some comfort to get back to sleep. It's sweet and I will miss it when you're able to fall back to sleep on your own.

Speaking of which, you've pretty much outgrown your co sleeper. I thought we'd have a few more months! But alas, you'll need to move to your crib in your own room pretty soon. I'm a wreck about it.

You have learned lots of fun new skills this month. You love to babble and play with a wide range of volumes on your voice. You smile all the time now, especially at dad, me, and your reflection in the mirror. You also just started laughing! You laugh when we wiggle you on your back, when dad plays airplane with you, and when we kiss your neck. It's quite possibly the greatest sound I've ever heard.

You refuse to roll over. You did it once in July (tummy to back) and once this month (back to tummy) and never again since. Now it's a running joke around here that you did it once each way and decided it wasn't for you. On to the next milestone, huh?

You and I get to spend tons of time together, and I've loved every second (even the agonizing days where you just seem unhappy and I count down the minutes until dad gets home). You also are spending more and more alone time with your dad. We're making an effort to make sure I get some solo time, and you absolutely love hanging out with your daddy.

And you and Scout are starting to become more comfortable with each other! He has snuggled up with you a few times, and you seem to enjoy watching him when he's near you.

Some other fun facts:

  • You're in size 3 diapers already. We are taking a break from the cloth diapers because of the huge drought and as a small protest against the fact that we don't have a washer and dryer in unit. Skipping those two loads of laundry each week has made a big difference, but I do still really like cloth diapers, so we'll bring 'em back eventually.
  • You're still super into books, which obviously makes your momma super proud. You immediately engage and stare contentedly at books when we start reading to you. 
  • You've started to fuss as soon as we buckle you into your car seat. Thankfully you get over it once we start moving, but I'm pretty sure everyone who parks near us thinks you hate me.

So innocent.

  • You're really getting good with grabbing toys, picking up objects, and looking around for the source of a sound that interests you. But there are times when you want to grab something near you and you just wiggle your whole little body because you aren't sure how to reach it. Adorable.
  • You're still working on head control, but it's definitely getting better. Between tummy time and wearing you in the Ergo, you're on your way!

Daddy did this to you. But I took the photo.

There is absolutely nothing better than spending time with you and your dad. I'm so grateful to get to be your mom!


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