Sunday, August 21, 2016

Toddler-isms and a Better Weekend

To put it mildly, this week was tough. If I didn't already appreciate all my husband does around the house--and I consider myself quite grateful for him--I certainly do now. Terry really did help a lot more than expected this week--he folded laundry, stood on one leg to do dishes, helped with Marshall's bath and diaper changes, and gave me lots of encouragement. Even so, it was hard to have to do drop off and pick up for Marshall for day care (one day, it took me an hour and forty minutes to get from work to Marshall to home) and to be the only physically capable adult in the house for things like cooking and picking up the toddler. I am very much looking forward to Terry's (hopefully speedy) recovery!

But of course, we made it through and ended up enjoying a wonderful weekend. Spending time with these two makes every weekend great!

Marshall loves when I take out the yoga mat and has taken to rolling it up, picking it up, and putting it away for me. 

Sometimes he gets frustrated when it's too hard to lift.

We took a family trip to UCLA (we drove, parked on campus, and kept to a small radius so Terry wouldn't have too much crutching-around to do). Marshall brought his trucks along in hopes of finding some dirt.

We found a forklift instead!

My favorites.

We also got a kick out of this tiny tunnel where Marshall could run through on his own and then sneak back around for a fun game. So much laughing!
 On Saturday, Terry suggested an outing for a treat (either I've rubbed off on him or he was just that desperate to get out of the house), so we chose Rita's frozen custard. I always get Marshall a vanilla, so I branched out and ordered him a strawberry ice with vanilla custard on top, and I still got myself vanilla with chocolate chips. Guess which one he wanted? We should have just shared...

On Saturday night I made this delicious quinoa enchilada bake (Terry described it as everything my dad would hate all in one meal--kale, quinoa, and no meat). It was SO tasty, and there a LOT leftover, but unfortunately it gave me a horrible stomachache. Lately it seems anytime I eat something extra healthy--salads, certain vegetables, this casserole--I get knocked down by another bad stomachache. It pretty much set me on the couch the rest of the night, so that was for sure the low point of the weekend. Here's hoping it was just a fluke, because we're eating this meal for lunches all week!

This morning we enjoyed a slow morning of reading and relaxing before heading out to a new-to-us breakfast spot, Walter's Cafe, in Beverly Hills. Tasty, big portions, and not too crowded for a Sunday, so we will definitely go back! Marshall ate a TON: two eggs, a piece of bacon, at least 1/4 of my huge French toast meal, a cup of fruit, and a small piece of toast. Growth spurt?

Then we headed to the car wash, and Terry discovered a window where Marshall could watch the cars go through. He LOVED it.

Marshall has also learned how to turn on Terry's ice machine and is quite the helper when Terry needs to plug in the cord.

During Marshall's (short) nap, I made sure to take some down time to myself, and Scout curled up with the belly.

Dinner tonight was a new recipe, broccoli melts, which were seriously delicious! Marshall wanted to focus on the bread, but he ate a solid serving of broccoli, too, which is a great win in my book.

The photo below is turned the wrong way, I realize, but the point is that we actually completed our entire list of to-dos this afternoon! Almost never happens because I'm usually too ambitious and write down about ten items more than I can really accomplish. Lately, though, I'm all about making my life a little simpler, so I focused on simple meals and lots of prep-ahead stuff.

Meals and snacks this week:

Mango chia pudding (I made enough for three days for each of us, since we all really liked it last time; I think this time adding some coconut might make it even better)

Quinoa enchilada bake for several lunches

Broccoli melts - tonight and tomorrow

Pancake batter (made yesterday) to start our Monday with pancakes :-) 

Plus lots of fruit and vegetables when I can handle it

So here we go into what is sure to be a busy week! We all have appointments--dentist for Marshall, prenatal for me (32 weeks!), and post-op for Terry (hoping he'll get cleared to drive and get a better sense of timelines for crutches, being able to stand on his leg, etc.). 

Have you been watching the Olympics? I think I watched more this year than I ever have, and it was fun to keep up with a lot of the more popular events. My favorites were gymnastics, men's diving (I never saw women's - was it not covered in prime time?), and track & field. But I'm also looking forward to not staying up so late waiting for coverage of my favorite events. I will be happy to get into bed by 10 every night this week!

The rest of our time has been occupied by figuring out my maternity leave (way more complicated than it should be - get it together, America), working out when I have time (mostly walks and short strength workouts), deciding what else we need to prepare for baby, and enjoying every second of Marshall's hilarious personality. I've loved all 27 months, but lately he is just so talkative, funny, and sweet. Some recent favorites:

While I was trying to parallel park in a TINY space and had already tried about four times, Marshall, in the back seat, says: "Let's try again, Mommy. That's better. There we go! That's better." It was the perfect time for a good laugh.

"I want Mommy to cuddle with me." Now that he is in his toddler bed, I have crawled in to cuddle with him a few times (when the bed isn't wet--which is another story), and he's so sweet! He'll let me cuddle with him for several minutes, and I love every second.

Regarding Terry's knee surgery: "Daddy needs to ice his knee!" "Daddy has crutches." (Very matter-of-fact.) "Daddy needs crutches to help him walk." 

To various waiters at restaurants: "Bread?" (with hand raised, like he's ordered food for years). "I want food." As a waiter was walking away from our table, "I want watermelon!" (The waiter brought him watermelon. NOT okay that he is ordering his own food.)

Us: "What's Daddy watching?" (wondering if he is familiar with the sport on TV)
Marshall: "TV." Touche. 

He keeps us on our toes, and we are so excited to see what the next days, weeks, months will bring before his little sibling arrives ("in five weeks," according to Marshall, but let's hope not quite that soon!). 

Off to bed to start this week on a well-rested note!


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