Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More Photos from Lately

As promised, I'm back with more recent snapshots of life with two kids. A lot of the time, I look like a hot mess, at least one item of clothing I'm wearing has spit up or milk or food from my toddler's last meal on it. I don't remember what feeling rested looks like, and I am fairly certain I haven't gotten a haircut since May of last year. But I really just care about my sweet boys. 

How amazing is this moment?

And this one?

Truly, having two children has made me happier than I thought possible.

Fun with matching socks!

We've gotten to enjoy some chilly weather this month, so Terry made a fire for us. Scout planted himself right in front of it and even let Marshall pet him.

 And then we took our third trip up north since Christmas, and Marshall got some fun new toys.

(Yep, that's a toy stand mixer. It's living at PopPop and JanJan's house.)

This kid.

We're quite the parade when we go for walks.

The point of this trip up north was to celebrate my sister-in-law and mama-to-be Ashley at her shower! I had the honor of helping to plan the shower and had a blast seeing it all come together with the co-hosts. I loved seeing my gorgeous sister glowing! She and my brother are going to be incredible parents. And I can't wait to meet my niece AND nephew!

Marshall and Declan were incredible on the rides to and from my parents' house. We think the sweet spot for driving is leaving between 11 and 12, getting Marshall to nap around 1. He is so great about it!

Here's more of that weather I mentioned. A few weeks ago it POURED for several days, and one day we got a solid storm. Still, we decided to head into Westwood to run an errand--a crazy idea with a toddler and baby! But it was SO fun! We splashed around, giggled about the crazy rain, and jumped over big puddles. I doubt we'll see rain like that in LA again for a long time!

Checking out books at the library.

Marshall asked to watch "the Declan movie" after we put Dec to bed.

And that brings us to today! After everyone was home from work and daycare, we took a walk around the neighborhood. Marshall and Daddy had so much fun playing jump-off-the-wall!

Twins :-)

This little guy turns FIVE months (how?!) on Sunday. I'll be back then with an update on his sweet little life so far!

We're looking forward to a few weeks of being close to home, letting things calm down, and enjoying our amazing boys. I just want to snuggle them and listen to their giggles!


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