Saturday, May 27, 2017

Marshall: This is Three

Three is asking for cake for your birthday, and a sign that says, "Let's eat cake!" (and having parents who take you literally).

(Our gift to M: an apron and chef's hat!)

Three is pure joy.

Three is brave. 
After the dentist!

Daycare --> Preschool!

Three is being just like Daddy. 

Three is needing Mommy.

And needing Daddy too. 

Three is making your own friends.

Three is being a big brother.

And becoming a cousin.

Also, three is meeting your baby brother but being distracted by the construction site outside.

Three is pretend.

Three is awe.

Three is wonder.

Three is focused.

Three is delicious.

Sometimes, three is hard.

Three is breakfast in pajamas.

Three is fighting dinosaurs and dragons, and then taking a rest.

Three is independent.

Three is proud.

Three is adorable.

Three is listening to Daddy reading Winnie the Pooh on Sunday mornings (and figuring out that your baby brother can't reach the top of the coffee table). 

Three is learning.

Three is a blink.

Marshall Terence, May 2014.

To our sweet little boy: You give us a new perspective of this world as you share your observations and narrate your thoughts. We love to hear how much you're learning and how innocently you see your universe. You have such a kind heart and a curious mind; we are so excited to see where those qualities will lead you. You endured so many changes this year as you advanced to preschool and became a big brother, and you showed us that change can be hard. You also made us so proud as you learned how to accept those transitions and remained ever more curious, ever more kind. Thank you for making us laugh, for keeping your innocence, for making your brother giggle, and for reminding us to slow down to enjoy your childhood with you. We love you, little boy!


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