Monday, May 1, 2017

Phrase per Photo

New season, new haircut!

And Declan is enjoying his (semi-)new crib.

Recent new restaurant ventures.

Sleepy cheeks.

We love bath time!

Mommy and Marshall time isn't too frequent, but it's precious.

New gallery wall.

Big boy trying more new foods! (Although we're on a small break for a while because he's all mucus-y and is struggling with solids.)
 DELICIOUS pizza recipe from Smitten Kitchen. We piled arugula on top!

Marshall having a picnic :-)

Brothers <3

Funny sign on campus. Is it real?

Marshall used to LOVE playing with my water bottle, and now Declan has discovered it!

Coffee table picnic with Thai food!

Mama did some shopping--rare nowadays but much needed.

Spending some time enjoying the beautiful weather lately.

Dyeing Easter eggs! Marshall's first time. :-)

Sweet potato is better for painting than eating.

Our new nephew Colby (on the left) and Declan in the same onesies! I told my brother that Haley has some competition for being Declan's twin!

Marshall's first pinata! He was shy at first, but we were excited to see him change his mind and give it a shot!

Walking in the neighborhood in the evenings.

 Play time at Gammie and Grandpa's.

Easter love with my big boy.

And snuggles with my baby boy.

Attempt 1 at a family photo.

A little better.

Starting daycare this month has resulted in several sick days already for our sweet boy. Scout is here to cuddle.

More mama and Marshall time.

He's almost outgrown his 12-month clothes. :-(

And doing some reading already.

Our new breakfast scene--becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.

This weekend we went to the aquarium and ran into some familiar faces!

 I never get tired of these smiles. <3

Marshall has now been to two birthday parties with his own friends from daycare, and I am so proud when I watch him during cake time. You've never seen such focus.

He's also been protecting us from dinosaurs and dragons.

And this sweet little chunk is almost seven months old.

Counting down to meeting these perfect little additions to our extended family.

And that's a little catch-up from around here!

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