Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Photos of Life Lately - May 2017

In an effort to preserve this precious time in our lives, I'm compiling an (admittedly random) assortment of photos from recent months, beginning with May, since my last catch-up post was May 1. Therefore, in no particular order:

Bedtime stories with Daddy (we love The Gruffalo, a gift from our friends)

Blowing bubbles on the big patch of grass a few blocks away. Marshall can blow bubbles on his own now!

A (3rd birthday!) gift from PopPop and JanJan - a construction set that connects to his train tracks!

We are loving Duplo (Lego) sets right now.

Our friends gave us a Finding Dory book with an audio CD, and Marshall loved it (narrated by the character Mr. Ray). Honestly, we loved it, too, because sometimes it was great to give him 15 minutes of reading time while we could put Declan to sleep or something else productive.

He grew out of this year's Christmas pjs so quickly. has this time passed so quickly?

(Marshall at 7.5 months, same bookshelf)

We visited Travel Town in Griffith Park, and I'm already looking forward to going back. Trains everywhere!

I'm so glad Marshall still shows interest in cooking. I look forward to many more adventures in the kitchen with him (and Declan, too!). At this point he can crack and whisk eggs for scrambled eggs, and his pouring skills have gotten much better so that baking is less of a mess. 

Who looks like his daddy?

My sweet sister-in-law (and brother, but let's be honest) gave me this lovely delicate necklace with the boys' initials for Mother's Day. I LOVE it. It goes with everything and is my new favorite piece of jewelry (aside from my wedding ring and engagement ring, which will always have the top spot).

Marshall and I had some time to play with chalk recently, and I loved letting his imagination guide us. He decided we would draw a park, and he dictated while I drew. He called it "The Waiting Park," and I think it would be quite a lovely place to wait.

Before we know it, Declan and Marshall will be sitting at their little table together for meals!

For now, we're still laughing as their bond grows...

Doing it right.

I think I shared this one, but I love how he looks at cake.

We visited my brother and sister-in-law and the twins, and Marshall and the men checked out the air show. (I may have shared some of these photos before.)

The twins used to be tiny, but they've grown SO much and are following in Marshall and Declan's footsteps for size!

I will miss these newborn days. Cuddling my sweet nephew.

Car seats on a plane are key!

Handsome haircut!

On a down note, Marshall had a very strange reaction (to what, we aren't sure) several weeks ago, and we had to take him to the doctor. These types of visits are quite rare for us, and I was reminded how thankful I am to have such healthy children. It's so stressful to worry about even minor medical issues like this; I have so much respect for parents who have to endure more serious and more frequent concerns. (Luckily, the rash was gone in a few days and all's well now.)

And that's May! I'll post June, too. I do love looking back at these snapshots of our lives, so forgive the random nature of the compilation!


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