Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Hodgepodge

Talk about some dead air, huh? No doubt you've found other ways to keep yourself busy this week, as I apparently have. (If you can call falling asleep on the couch every night keeping busy...)

Terry is home! He got here in the afternoon yesterday, but I was scheduled to work 12-8 before I knew he'd be arriving home (two days sooner than expected). So I suffered through what was mercifully a busy, quick work day and finally got to see him when he picked me up after my shift. It's SO good to have him home!

This week feels a little strange already. Terry's back home, which isn't strange, but he also doesn't have to go in for full work days because he worked so much overtime in Florida. We slept in this morning, had a big breakfast, and are spending the morning and early afternoon relaxing together. I have work today, but we also have the morning off together tomorrow. I'm so grateful to have this time with him, even if it'll occasionally be interrupted by work. At least the busy season is in full swing, so those hours will zoom by!

The other day, I made my very first pecan pie. My aunt and uncle are hosting Thanksgiving for us in the Bay Area tomorrow, and I get to contribute dessert. The pressure's on. Obviously, I'll make a pumpkin pie, but I want to also bring pecan and a fruit crumble--maybe blackberry, since Terry and my dad love that one. For the pecan pie, I made Lisa's recipe, Shortcut Chocolate Pecan Pie.

I was nervous about this one because a few friends have told me they struggle with getting pecan pie filling to set (using various recipes). Honestly, even gooey pecan pie is delicious, so you can't really go wrong, but I was delighted to find that by baking the pie about 4-5 minutes longer than Lisa suggested, the filling set perfectly. The pie tasted delicious, too, but I'm not completely convinced about the chocolate chunks--we'll see what I decide for the big day.

This morning, Terry and I drove up to the Bay Area. Luckily, the traffic was kind to us and we made it up in only about five and a half hours. We're staying with my brother and sister-in-law and have a few fun activities planned. We'll bake pies, we'll run in a Turkey Trot (5K), we'll get in the Thanksgiving spirit. Thursday we'll be with the rest of the family, and Friday is my ten-year high school reunion. Talk about weird, right? I'm sure it'll be fun to reminisce with high school friends, but I really can't even imagine what it will be like to see everyone.

We did get the good news that Terry will be home for two full weeks, and his next trip is only ten days. That's nothing! (Well, relatively.)

And finally, here's a fun, challenging strength workout I completed the other day, along with Julie's Feelin' Lazy Workout, which, by the way, did not make me feel lazy at all but rather quite accomplished. The strength workout focused on triceps, chest, hamstrings, and quads, and I'm all sorts of sore today!

  • 10 one-leg deadlifts (3 sets per leg)
  • 15 triceps pull downs + 10 incline bench press (3 sets each)
  • 10 stationary lunges (3 sets per leg)
  • 10 overhead tricep press + 10 cable chest press (3 sets each)
  • 10 Romanian deadlifts + 10 dumbbell squats (3 sets each)
I know I didn't keep up with everything I'm thankful for this month, but in the spirit of the holiday I'll say that I can't believe how blessed I am. There's so much good, and sometimes I can't believe I got this lucky. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah!). Enjoy the food, family, friends, football, and fun!


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