Monday, November 11, 2013

Things I'm Loving Lately

Friday Favorites Posts
I love these kinds of posts--writing them and reading them. It's just sort of a fun hodgepodge on a Friday (or perhaps a Monday), nothing too intense about health or fitness but plenty of fun insight into what my favorite bloggers are up to. If you like them, too, here are a few of my favorite bloggers who tend to write these types of posts:
A Little Bit of Busy
Since I made the decision not to teach full time this year, I've often found myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with. Like so many people I know, I'm a go, go, go girl (not to be confused with a go-go girl), and at times I've felt bored or restless. Especially with Terry gone, I sort of dread the weekends when I don't work and don't have anything planned. Luckily, this past week took a total turn and I was excited to have lots of plans, including a few visits to a friend to help out with her little girls, dinner with Jenn and Justin, lunch and dinner with two friends, and dinner at our neighbors' house. The busy-ness made the week move much faster, and now I only have a few more days until I get to visit Terry!


I've been all about snacking lately (what else is new?). My favorites have been:
  • Ak-Mak Crackers with cream cheese
  • Apple slices with or without peanut butter or cheese
  • Rice cakes with peanut butter and raisins or bananas
  • Tortillas slightly warmed and rolled up with cheese, hummus, cucumber, and spinach
  • Pita and hummus, of course
Snacks sometimes make my day. Which is why it's so important that the aforementioned friends continue to want me to hang out with them. 

Tomato Soup

It's not even remotely cold in LA, so I can't use the whole "it's fall and I need warm, comforting soup" excuse, but tomato soup makes me feel cozy and that's enough of an excuse to make it or order it repeatedly. Last week I brought some Soup Bar Tomato Basil Bisque over to my friend Melody's. Friday I went to Corner Bakery with a friend and sure enough--yep, tomato basil soup it was! When my parents were here two weeks ago we made Lisa's Tomato Bisque. My other favorite tomato soup recipe is Ina Garten's Pappa al Pomidoro (pictured above, with the croutons). 

Smitten Kitchen's Blog Posts

Guys, she makes a picture of sliced onion look interesting.

Every other Thursday, a delightful little gift arrives in my blog reader: Smitten Kitchen's newest post. I absolutely love her cookbook, a gift I received for Christmas last year (every recipe has turned out perfectly), but Deb, to me, is absolute perfection. Her photographs are stunning. Her food tastes incredible and is easy to make. And her blog posts are hilarious, thoughtful, and like a letter from your best friend. Deb has it all. Yesterday's post was all about chicken stock, and I was captivated. How can one be captivated by an essay on chicken stock, you ask? Just read it, my friends. Just read it. 

Simple Comforts

As I mentioned, it's not cold in LA yet, but our apartment gets fairly chilly at night, and we don't have a heater. Instead of drinking tea, I bought some hot cocoa mix, and it's the perfect dessert.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. I love pita and hummus, it is one of my favorite snacks!