Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gearing Up for DC

Well hello! Thursday again, huh? This week has moved rather slowly, but I don't mind a relaxed week here and there. Plus, I know this weekend will be craaaaaazy (well, as craaaaaazy as it can get when you're pregnant and in super cold temperatures, but still), so I'm using this time to prepare.

Terry and I leave tomorrow for a quick weekend trip to D.C. to visit our friends Fay and David. Plans include a few meals out, a nighttime tour of the monuments (I've heard great things), a visit to the Folger Shakespeare Library, and plenty more. Despite the cold we're anticipating, I'm really excited to finally visit Fay and David and check out our nation's capital! I'll be sure to share lots of details about our adventure.

Let's catch up a bit: Yesterday morning jumped into motion a little more quickly than I expected. I woke up at 6:30 to make breakfast for myself and Terry and then got a text from Jenn asking if we should work out together. Of course we should. I was hoping to tackle legs, and Jenn was on board, so we planned to meet up later in the morning. Then I got a call from Terry on his way to work telling me to call 911 (geez, can you imagine how freaked out I was waiting for him to finish that sentence?) because there was a fire right off the freeway and no fire department on the scene yet. I called, they already had people on it, and then I worked for awhile to get my heart rate to a normal level. Hearing that your husband wants you to call 911 is a surefire way to wake up if you're a little groggy in the morning!

Jenn and I tackled a leg workout together that incorporated stable and unstable exercises, and both of us texted each other today complaining about sooooore legs. Here's a similar workout from awhile back:

Terry also hit the gym yesterday for a more intense leg workout, including 10 minutes of HIIT. He hates me again today.

Last night I made Lisa's broccoli cheese soup for dinner, a delicious way to incorporate some vegetables. Plus, it was so easy to make; I have a feeling this one will become a regular in our dinner rotation.

Today was more mellow but wonderful. We had our second trimester ultrasound this morning, and we learned that our little one is growing quite nicely (and may even be a little ahead of schedule). It's always reassuring to hear from a doctor that everything looks the way it should. :-)

Today was a rest day, and tomorrow will be, too. Usually I prefer to avoid two rest days in a row, but I don't think my sore legs will complain. Actually, my doctor recommended that I wear thigh-high compression stockings during the long flight, so I'm eager to see how I feel in those. I know a lot of marathoners recommend them, and pregnancy is a lot like a marathon, right?

Speaking of pregnancy, I'm thankful I have that to blame for things like this:

Yes, that happened. I could have sworn I bought dishwasher detergent, not dish soap. And when I filled up the dishwasher, I didn't notice my mistake. No, it wasn't until an hour later, when I walked back into the kitchen, that I finally realized...I'm losing my mind.

From there, I just gave up on the night. I threw out my plans to cook dinner, asked Terry to pick up Wahoo's, and set to work cleaning up the floor. Thankfully, as you might imagine, soap does clean up rather easily. And my amazing husband volunteered to empty the dishwasher, run it with olive oil (apparently the solution when something like this happens), reload it, and run it again. Alas, five hours after my initial start, but at least the damn dishes are clean now.

And now we're finishing up laundry (had to wash those beach towels I used to clean the floor), packing for tomorrow, and watching the Bruins take on Stanford. I'm hoping to check in from DC, but we'll see how it all goes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Make me feel better: Any fun mishaps lately? 


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