Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fay's Bridal Shower

On Saturday we still woke up early to grab more boxes (how is it that you can never have enough boxes and packing material during a move?), but we were able to take it pretty easy the rest of the morning. Terry got a ton more packing done, I packed a little and napped a little (yep, I pulled the pregnancy card), and then we each got ready for our respective afternoon plans. I had a bridal shower in Culver City, and Terry represented both of us at a party for his coworker's three-year-old.

Fay's good friend Jen organized the intimate bridal shower at Bar & Garden, a cute wine, beer, and spirits shop with a focus on mostly organic alcohol. The back of the store has a small space for private tastings, and we had two staff members dedicated to our little party. Fay didn't know the details of the party, so she got to experience a little surprise about who was there (friends from out of town she wasn't expecting!) and what the party entailed.

Jen did an incredible job of throwing this gorgeous shower. Her style is chic, trendy, and totally "with it"--she kept the decor extremely simple (the key is to find an awesome venue that doesn't require much dressing up, like this one!), gave small vases of succulents as favors, and picked up mini cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake.

I was especially impressed by Bar and Garden's willingness to serve me some nonalcoholic beverages. The server was actually excited to create some fun concoctions for me! My first drink was a drinkable balsamic with sparkling water (it tastes like balsamic, but somehow it was perfect for drinking), and my second drink was a mix of Meyer lemon, cranberry, and Douglass fir. I was thrown off by that last one, but Shrub & Co. makes these natural extracts that work surprisingly well in combinations. I actually really enjoyed the Douglass Fir extract! I told the server it tasted like I was walking through a forest. Which was weird, but I think he appreciated the sentiment.

I had a wonderful time at the shower, and it was especially great to catch up with some folks I don't normally see. I chatted a lot with Fay, her sister Janou (who reads the blog! Hi, Janou!), and Molly, who is married to an old friend of mine. I especially loved getting new blog suggestions--I can't wait to check out their favorites! Here's what they suggested:
Molly also clued me in about Houzz, a decorating app/website, once I explained that I have no idea what to do with "so much space" in our new apartment!

Fay's birthday is today (Sunday), so Jen brought a candle for one of the cupcakes!

What a fun, beautiful day of celebrating the bride to be. I can't wait for the wedding in less than four months!

Congratulations, Fay! You're going to be a stunning bride!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I've come down with a little cold, so I'm hoping to keep this week mellow. Fat chance, given that we're moving on Saturday, but I can try!


  1. Thank YOU so much for making the effort to be there with everything going on! So, so happy I got to see you. You are glowing in your third trimester! Good luck with the move :) xoxo

  2. Thank YOU so much for making the effort to be there!! So, so happy I got to see you. You are glowing in your third trimester!! Good luck with the move :) xoxo