Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Weekend of March

Another whirlwind weekend! We enjoyed the crazy downpours of rain but also managed to squeeze in quite a lot of activity throughout the weekend.

On Friday, we hit the gym for an upper body workout inspired by Tina's post last week. Tina is actually due the same week as I am, but she's a lot more hardcore about her workouts, so I changed up the exercises to fit what I feel comfortable doing. So we did 12 reps of all three exercises, then 11 of each, then 10, all the way to one rep each, and then we built back up to 12 reps each. Our exercises:
  • Overhead Shoulder Press
  • Reverse Biceps Curls
  • Wide Bent Over Rows
I kept my weights super light, so I didn't necessarily feel all that fatigued, but Terry pushed himself and is still feeling those sore muscles today!

Also, we actually had a date night planned! We are trying to go out for a dedicated date night once or twice a month, and Friday we chose to go to dinner at Westside Tavern, one of our favorites. We had about 40 minutes to kill while waiting for our table, so we wandered around Urban Home and made a game of sitting on all the furniture and testing out all the candles. Our kids are in for a real treat when they learn that this is their parents' definition of fun. 

But anyway, dinner was delicious as always (no photos--it was date night!), and then on the way home we stopped at Bristol Farms to buy a pint of LA Creamery peanut butter chocolate ice cream. So creay and tasty!

Saturday morning we were up early for a walk before a day of checking out apartments. We even found a few reasonable options! And then we came home for an early dinner before Date Night Part II.

Terry made turkey burgers with bacon, plus sauteed asparagus, leftover sweet potato fries from the previous night, and mango. Amazing dinner.

We saw The Lego Movie, which was pure fun, and then we made it another early night. I did get a chance to catch up with a friend for a bit though.

And today was quite the adventure: more apartment hunting, leftovers for lunch, and our first birth class. The class ran a little long, so we had a late dinner, but it was SO worth the wait:

Sausage and mushroom pizza (not pictured: the other pizza was onion and bell pepper)

We missed most of the Oscars, but the parts we did see felt a little dull. Did I miss anything good? I'm more excited to see Jimmy Kimmel's special, which is usually awesome.

So that was our weekend. Eventful for us, but mostly nothing too crazy. Here's hoping we've found our new home, though! Wish us luck!

And just for good measure, one of the highlights of the weekend: Scout pretended he was a tiny kitten again:
How is he so cute?


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