Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time Change Weekend

Hey there sports fans! Hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was wonderful, especially today. I actually kept the camera tucked away for most of it, but here are some highlights.

On Friday, after work, my parents arrived at our apartment for dinner in. We kept it simple with homemade pizza (one was pesto with mozzarella and tomato; the other was marinara sauce, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, and sausage) and salad. My parents also both got to feel the baby kick! I'm glad our little one cooperated. 

Saturday morning, we met up fairly early for a hike out in Malibu. It was the same hike Terry and I did on Valentine's Day, and unfortunately the "waterfall" wasn't too much more exciting this time, but we still enjoyed the walk.

Next up, we went to The Apple Pan for lunch, as I mentioned we would. Since it's counter-seating only, I worried we would struggle with finding four stools together, but we had no problem and were in and out within about 20 minutes! Terry and Dad each had the Hickory burger, Mom and I split the Steak burger, we all had some fries, and Terry and I split a slice of banana cream pie. Amazing!

We spent a good amount of the afternoon hanging out by the pool (it was a HOT weekend in LA!), and I even swam a few laps. Then we walked over to a nearby mall to see if we could find a bridesmaid dress option for Jenn's wedding. She's letting us choose our own dresses, but given the circumstances--the fact that I'm currently six months pregnant and therefore can't try on any non-maternity clothes; the fact that I hope to be nursing and don't know how my body will change; the fact that I will want to take my time getting back to my normal body and therefore don't know how clothes will fit two months post-birth--makes the whole thing a bit complicated. Still, I'm looking whenever I get the chance, and hopefully I'll just fit when the time comes. 

Saturday night Terry and I took my parents to Westside Tavern, which I've written about before. We had to wait almost an hour, which made me feel bad, but they agreed it was worth it. That place is just so tasty!

Today we all agreed to sleep in. Dad was fighting a cold all weekend, and we needed some rest. When we finally did get together, it was for an early lunch at Terranea in Palos Verdes. We chose Nelson's, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day to eat outside!

My meal: turkey chopped salad

Terry and Dad's meals: BBQ pulled pork sandwich

Mom's meal (I was so proud): burger with Burrata

And look at the view!

And then...the big news for us: We signed a lease! After seeing almost 25 places, we finally found something suitable for the next year. We'll have more space in a quieter neighborhood, and we might even have less traffic. I really think this place will be awesome for us, and I am feeling much less anxious now that we have our home secured for the next year.

Terry and I finished up the weekend with our second birth class, some leftover pizza and salad for dinner, and quality time with our TV. It was a wonderful weekend. I know that 5 am alarm clock might feel miserable tomorrow, but I'm so relieved to have this whole living situation taken care of that I don't care!

Do you love or hate the time change? I think I love it. When we left our birth class and it was still light outside, I felt all sorts of excited.


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