Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Days All Around

Before we get to Marshall's first days of day care and my first day of work, let's discuss Halloween. First up: pumpkin carving!

Daddy will be in charge of pumpkins in this house, but I had a blast taking pictures and watching the boys digging into the mess.

Later that night, our little Dalmation dressed up for a short walk around the neighborhood.

We enjoyed a mellow night with Jenn and Justin and their little bundle (one of these days I'll ask Jenn for permission to officially announce his arrival). We made a bunch of different pizzas and then took some hot chocolate around the block and called it a night by 7:30 pm. My kind of Halloween!

The rest of the weekend: a visit to the airport to watch planes take off and land.

Lots of meal planning and prep to get ready for the big week ahead.

Our mantle decorated for autumn.

Some bedtime reading--we borrowed the book Freight Train from the library, and whenever we read it Marshall races out to the living room to find his own train so he can hold it while we read. 

And then it was time to get ready for day care! We bought Marshall a backpack and let him try it on to get pumped for "school." He loved it!

 The morning of day care, I had slightly overpacked his backpack, and he fell over when he put it on! I laughed so hard, the poor little guy. We pulled out a few items so Marshall could carry his own bag into day care.

 Terry and I both dropped off our big boy, and I only cried a little in the car. He seemed so at ease and calm, and his first day went really well.

He ate and slept and played, and that's really all we're looking for, so good job, buddy!

I stopped at Jenn's to kill some time and try to help a bit. Jenn gave me a sweet goody bag for my first day!

 And my first day began today! I arrived to a giant bow on my desk (how cute is that?) and a sweet welcome banner.

The day was filled with paperwork, meeting three dozen people whose names I'm sure I've forgotten, learning some office procedures, and getting to know my coworkers. I missed my family, but I know I'm going to be right at home at this new job, so the transition is much easier than it could have been. We are working on our evening routine and hope to keep up this system of prepping everything the night before, spending quality time with Marshall morning and evening, and adjusting to the new adventures. 

Special thanks again to so many wonderful friends and family who have been so supportive and thoughtful as I've started work and Marshall has started day care. I definitely felt all the love! 


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