Thursday, November 12, 2015

Technically Two Weeks Down

We're almost through week two of our new routine, except that I've had a day off each week. The real test will be next week when we actually attack a full work week. 

Anyway, to get through the week we've been doing our best to prep as much as possible on the weekends and to get organized for the next day each night. For example, on Sunday Terry chopped the leeks and onion for this soup, and then on Monday night I did the cooking in about 20-25 minutes. Here's the recipe.

And my boys hung out with me.

Wednesday I had the day off for Veteran's Day. Marshall's day care was closed, so we got a bonus mommy-Marshall day! We went for a walk with Jenn, then I let Marshall walk around the block while I tagged along on his adventure.

Later I let him try hot chocolate (recipe from 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook), but since I had to wait for it to be way cooled down, it kind of turned into chocolate milk. Still, he seemed to enjoy it.

And to get some more fresh air, we stopped at the park to pick up leaves, point at dogs, and RUN!

I did have to break it to Marshall that I'll likely never bring him to the park in a Rolls Royce.

Last night's dinner: pizza (dough was made on Halloween and frozen for later) and salad.

As for fitness, we're working through another monthly workout calendar, which we dubbed "Cardio and Corevember" because we're super creative. So every other night we do some core work, and then approximately three times a week we try to do some moderate to intense cardio, like jogging, walk-jog intervals, and maybe a HIIT thrown in here and there. We definitely missed a few last week when Marshall was sick, and the early dark is making it tough to jog after work, but we're doing our best. 

Some other notes on the new situation: 
- I'm walking to work and so far I love it. I feel like the walk energizes me for the morning and then for the evening when I get home. Of course, the last two weeks have been lovely, cool weather. Talk to me again when it's sweltering 10 months out of the year.
- They say half of loving your job is who you work with, and I've been so happy to meet such great people in my department.
- Terry has to do drop off and pick up for Marshall's day care, and I am so grateful to him for already being awesome about talking to the teachers when needed, making sure he has all Marshall's belongings for home, and creating a good routine for saying goodbye to Marshall for the day.

So anyway, we're doing alright over here. There are easier days and tough days, and we're only two weeks in. I am starting to get a sense of what this new life is going to be like, but we still have a lot to learn about being working parents.

Hope your week has been a good one! Happy Friday to you!


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