Friday, November 20, 2015

We Survived Without Eggs

Happy Friday, my friends. Friday means:

(That Jumping Cow ale is $1 at our Trader Joe's!)

Somehow, we survived the week, even though: Marshall got sick Wednesday afternoon through Thursday; I had my first full week of work; and we ran out of eggs on Sunday. I mean, a full week without eggs in the house--I didn't think I would make it.

Other highlights from the week:

I'm still loving my walks to work! I mostly love the coolest mornings, but even a warm day like today was pleasant. I average about 2,700 steps each way, so it's great on busy days to still feel like I've gotten some form of movement into my routine. Work itself has continued to be awesome. I'm learning a lot every day, loving my coworkers, and even enjoying the time away from my family to realize my career goals.

Oh, and we squeezed in some workouts this week, too: mostly walking, some upper body/core work, and then a full body workout. We're doing our best in this crazy time!

Marshall has been the highlight of the week, as always. He still loves playing with the chickpeas I gave him. He pours them between bowls and boxes, scoops them with his trucks, spills them all over the floor.

He's also getting pretty good at his shape sorter box.

We've had some great meals this week, too. I have enjoyed meal planning and prepping so far, and the homemade meals feel awesome. The best meal this week was BBQ pulled pork (in the crock pot), sweet potato casserole, and peas. We wrapped the pork in Romaine for lettuce wraps, which was awesome.

I did have a tough day or two this week. One night I just felt really down, and I couldn't put my finger on why. I felt on the verge of tears the entire evening and finally had a good cry before bed. I'm still not totally sure what was going on, but I think it was mostly related to missing Marshall. For the first two weeks of work, I was focused almost entirely on making sure we had a meal plan and that everyone was organized. Then I think this week I relaxed a little about the meal planning and realized I missed my little boy. I know this situation--me at work, Marshall in day care--is a good thing for all of us, but it's not easy. Being away from Marshall, balancing work and home life, figuring out how to be an employee and a mom and a wife...I'm just beginning that whole journey. It'll take a while to learn it all. 

But now it's 9:08 and apparently that's my bedtime now, so good night, friends! Have a wonderful weekend; hopefully I'll be back before the next week begins!


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