Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Post: Instant Motivation

Hope you had a lovely Wednesday out there. Do you realize we only have two weeks and one day until Thanksgiving? Not that I'm counting...

As you may have noticed yesterday, I'm trying to find small ways to take some stuff off my plate. So I asked Alex if she would be interested in writing a guest post for me, and you lucked out! She has some awesome advice about motivating yourself to be active.


When I was asked to guest post for this lovely lady, I was pumped. She is one of the newest blogs I started to follow and I am sure glad I did. I mean isn’t everything better with burgers?

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Alex from The RunWithin. I am a distance running, sarcastic 22 year old trying to find that balance in life after college. With a full time and part time job, I struggle to find time to do everything. But one thing I never let fall by the way side is my training. I know I am that rare breed that just goes out there and runs for miles, but what I have found is that everyone can get that little motivation to just do something. How you ask?
  1. Find the prime time for you. So I am an early bird, waking up daily at 530 am to get my runs in. However, not all people function so great in that hour. I am all about finding when you most enjoy getting your sweat on, even if it is just a walk. Maybe you are a night owl and can jam out at 8 pm (as I cuddle with my couch…). Maybe you have a lunch break that seems the most ideal. Experiment to find the highest points of motivation.
  2. Ask for help. Tweet, text, call, do anything to your fellow friends to ask for that motivation. I can bet, one tweet that says, “I am really struggling to get out the door” will be responded to in an instant with positive mantras. I love the community that has formed through the blog world where even in your most unmotivated time; there is someone there to motivate you.
  3. Plan it out. I am all about laying out my clothes the night before so that when I wake up, I have them staring at me. Maybe it is packing a gym bag the night before that works for you.

  4. Positive affirmations. Kind of goofy, but I am all about posting up some self talk mantras around my apartment if I know the workout is going to be a tough one. It is always nice to have that little reminder that you won’t regret your workout.
  5. The most important…. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. So, maybe you are lacking motivation because your body needs a break. Burn out can happen so be patient, take rest days, really take care of your body so that it wants to have those workouts rather than dreading them. Pushing too hard will only make working out about all the wrong things. I work out for energy, stress and endorphins. Find your real reason for exercising.

We all need a push sometimes so I hope this list got you in the groove! Now go sweat!


You can check out Alex's blog, The Run Within, for more words of inspiration and sarcasm. :-) My favorites!

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  1. I completely sympathize with that weird feeling after college. As much fun as it is being an adult, I'll never stop missing college.

    And I think I need to get some motivational posters.