Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Veterans Day Weekend

A weekend filled with what weekends should be filled with.

Pancakes on Saturday morning...

Game night with friends, including Jenn's Southwest salsa...

This tasty wine that I kept calling Antonym...

New games--Dixit (a French game)...

and Survive...
 (both games were SO fun!), and I made this dessert.

On Sunday, this happened...

Honestly, the weekend was really nice. I studied, graded, cleaned house, caught up on quality time with the hubby. We even tried to go out on a little date Sunday night--dinner and a movie--but the movies were all sold out and we didn't feel like waiting an hour and a half for dinner. So burgers and a movie at home it was!

And now it's a short week of work, but I have quite a bit going on between now and then. Aside from the usual grading and studying, I'm especially looking forward to a little Thanksgiving feast at work! All the teachers are bringing festive dishes (I'm providing a green salad--simple but perfect because I don't have a ton of time), and we'll feast during lunch.

And finally, tonight's workout rocked!!! Tina's Best Body Boot Camp called for about 35 minutes of cardio, and I looked forward to it all day. Particularly after a tough commute home, a sweat session felt amazing. I incorporated some hills into my running! I ran between 6.5 mph and 8 mph with inclines of 4 to 8. It was a nice challenge, and I'm certain I'll be nice and sore tomorrow.

I apologize for a rather disjointed post tonight; I'll be back with a WIAW tomorrow!

And in keeping with the random theme: What are your Thanksgiving plans?
I'm so excited for next week!


  1. Pancakes for breakfast is always the best way to start the day :)

    1. I KNOW! Well, honestly any breakfast food works for me. The best days are those that start and end with breakfast food. :-)

  2. i'm exhausted just looking at the sentence about that cardio! glad you had a great long weekend - though i'm super jealous :) and sometimes date nights in turn out to be the very best.

    1. The cardio was tough but fun! You have done WAY harder, lady!

  3. sounds awesome, all of it. I am happy you got that time.

  4. Over here from Best Body Fitness - loved your post there and I'm loving your blog here! :) Sounds like an amazing weekend to me!

  5. Julie, I just wanted to let you know that I got a call (OK a recorded call) from your lovely husband this weekend. He informed me about giving to UCLA and sounded so happy and enthusiastic that I wanted to run to the nearest computer and pledge. Hope all is well with you (and Terry...who I've sadly never met but who I know is reading...hi Terry! Thanks for the call!). I figured that Terry's call was a sign that I should finally post a response. I noticed a facebook post about your blog not too long ago and think it's so great! I love seeing your workouts; and honestly, I love seeing that you're also trying to fit fitness into a busy schedule. It motivates me to do the same! Again, hope all is well with you. Let me know when you're in the bay area next...I'd love to meet and catch up!