Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm sure you were absolutely devastated when I didn't post last night (<--sarcasm!), but I'm back! I spent the entire weekend (exception: baby shower, see below) on the couch or at the dining room table, studying or grading. 

A friend lent me some books to supplement my studying. 

Scout also helped with my studying

Healthy study snack (apple slices with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon)

I did squeeze in ONE workout this weekend: 40 minutes on the treadmill, alternating 5 minutes running at 6.6 mph with 3 minutes walking at 4.3 mph, incline 10. Felt good to sweat, and I'm glad I got it in early because now I'm pretty sure I've got a cold or flu.

A friend's baby shower--books, crib liner, diapers

Turtle theme for the baby = adorable turtle cupcakes!

The shower was so fun! We all chatted awhile, then ate the delicious spread of pasta salad, meatballs, cheeses, hummus, and cupcakes and brownies. We played a few games, too--nothing too cheesy, thank goodness. It was great to see the momma-to-be--she looks really fantastic!

Shortly after the shower, I started to feel a bit under the weather, and the rest of the night and today have been downhill. Achy, tired, sore throat. I rested a lot today, but I'm nervous as to where this thing might go. Some students have been out lately for several days at a time; let's all hope I don't end up in that situation (honestly, let's all hope, because you'll have to hear about it as long as I'm sick!).

Happier thoughts:

Digging these lemon cupcakes 

Trying to mix up breakfasts, but my new favorite oatmeal combo keeps calling to me (oatmeal, a splash of milk, vanilla, cinnamon, peanut butter, and a pumpkin muffin sprinkled on top)

Dinner out with Terry on Friday night--that's some seriously awesome garlic spread right there.

Off to bed in hopes of a good night's sleep before a long week. Hope you're enjoying Daylight Savings Time! I'm stoked to have some light in the morning on my way to work, even if it's sad to watch the sun go down earlier. Holidays are a-comin'!

What's been the highlight of the last few days for you?


  1. i am dying over those turtle cupcakes they are so cute. your "recently" looks a whole lot like my recently. reading and doing work for class, eating snacks, and cuddling with my imaginary pet.

    also i have to say driving to school this morning and getting here without it being pitch black the whole way? changed. my. life. i <3 daylight savings time.

  2. I've been trying to find supplemental books as well as I kind of feel like I need more information to understand certain concepts. Have you found those books helpful?

  3. oh no! i hope you feel better this morning!

  4. the sea turtles look so cute and also delicious, my favorite types of candy right there.