Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3-2-1 Superset Leg Workout + WIAW

I don't know about where you are, but LA is ridiculously hot right now. Again. I'm running all of our fans, keeping blinds closed to avoid letting light and heat in, even sleeping with a cool washcloth, a suggestion from my friend Amanda. Scout is trying to find ways to cope with the heat, too.

I woke up ridiculously hot this morning at 6:30 and decided to just get up and hit the gym. I knew I might take a yoga class later, so I opted to focus on a quick strength workout:

I loved these quick supersets! I find one-leg deadlifts and stability ball split squats to be sooooo hard, so I felt plenty challenged, but you could also tack on some cardio to round out this strength set.

Some notes:

I used dumbbells for all the exercises except the ball roll ins, but you could skip those to focus on form and balance if needed.

Side lunge + lunge pulses: Side lunge with your right leg (use dumbbells if desired), then step your left leg back into a lunge; pulse down into a low lunge three times; then pick up your left leg and step into a left side lunge to repeat on the other side. That's one! You'll do ten reps (so side lunge + lunge pulses 10 times one EACH leg)

Later in the day, I did end up going with Jenn to a yoga class. She took me to Yoga Hop, which was so fun! The class uses current popular music, so we heard Foo Fighters and Macklemore during yoga. I felt so pumped up doing my Warrior 3. 

Alrighty, here's what I ate on this impossibly hot day:

Breakfast: Plain Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla, plus blueberries and sliced almonds

A stop at Whole Foods resulted in a few bites of pineapple. Free samples? I'll take it. 

Early lunch before yoga: 1/2 whole wheat pita (my very favorite pitas from a local bakery, sold at Whole Foods) with Havarti cheese, cucumbers, hummus, and avocado

Post-yoga snack: apple with peanut butter, plus a bowl of cereal (no photo--I realized I forgot after I ate it!)

Drink of the day: tons of cold water to cool down in this crazy heat!

Dinner: Caprese salad with spinach

Dinner part two: pasta with zucchini and spinach, plus marinara and mozzarella

Dessert: blondies with milk

Any suggestions for cooling down in this heat? I'm taking even the most ridiculous suggestions. 

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  1. OMG that caprese salad with spinach looks amazing. As do the blondies! Great workout too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The caprese salad really was delicious! It's all about the balsamic, I think. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your workout looks great! Cooling down in the heat? I love to take a really cold shower. It makes me stop sweating for at least 3 minutes ;-) Your blondies look delicious!

    1. Ha! I'm on it. Last night I seriously woke up at midnight sweating and thought about taking a cold shower.

  3. Zero help on cooling down... i was roasting in anaheim all weekend dressed in disney costumes running races. i think blondies with milk would be a great way to end the night... or madelines with an iced coffee in the AM... YUM.

  4. Ugh, I wake up as soon as I get hot too. So uncomfortable! At least you got a good workout out of it!

  5. sadly we have taken to HOLDING US IN OUR HANDS until we caint take it anymore.
    throwing ice away.
    getting new ice :-)