Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend was a spectacular mix of friends, work, and preparing for our trip. We leave tomorrow for Lucerne, Salzburg, Munich, and Prague. 

Milkshake after a delicious meal at Stacked with friends

Preparing and printing and pretending we're super organized

Pizza dinner (because, you know, we won't be eating enough indulgent foods over the next two weeks)

But hey, at least we got a salad

Some browsing and window shopping at Third Street Promenade

Awesome store we stumbled into

First time trying kombucha. It tasted pretty good, but the jury's still out on the health benefits.

My handsome husband working out.

Such a stud

Buying a new suitcase (we were pretty ridiculous in the store--we tested the wheels, the handles, the speed...we may or may not have raced the suitcases)

Tonight has been all about organizing and packing and playing with the kitten (one big down side to going away is being away from Scout). Now we're off to bed because we're working tomorrow and then heading to the airport!

I'll be checking in from Europe, but in the meantime I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. we had pizza this weekend too! such a perfect weekend food haha

  2. have the BEST BEST BEST TIME!!!!
    live dont blog :-)

  3. You are totally smart in testing the suitcase speediness. You never know when you have to sprint to make your connection!

    Have a great trip!