Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One More Update

I feel like my posts are all catch-up posts recently. I'm still settling back into a normal routine and almost at 100% after getting so sick. So I guess we can catch up now, and hopefully I'll be back full time tomorrow.

My friend Amanda recently bought and has been enjoying Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video. And she sent me a copy! That's true friendship. :-) Thanks, Amanda!

I've subbed twice this week, which has been awesome. The two teachers I subbed for each have schedules that end at 1 pm--I got so lucky! By lunchtime I was out the door and able to get other things done around the house.

Today I finally brought out our fall decorations

Scout was just thrilled that I brought out a box.

 I feel like these two tiny scenes make our apartment feel so cozy. But I also want to buy more. Home Goods, you can expect a visit from me soon. Maybe some orange throw pillows for the couch. Wild, I know.

I'm also still working away on my novel. I'm a little behind (I'm blaming colitis for that), but I still think I can make it! 17,000 more words to go--in five days! Yikes. Then again, I was an English major; aka I majored in procrastination and writing ten-page papers in one night. So I feel pretty confident in my degree.

I ate a real meal tonight! Complete with three separate food groups. We went for crock pot chicken, sweet potatoes, and melon for me (broccoli for Terry). I'm still really taking it easy on what I eat, but I've felt fine after each new addition. Thank goodness the worst is over!

Can't wait to eat some greens!

I also made custard-style ice cream tonight. Terry had suggested using vanilla beans instead of just vanilla extract in our ice cream, so I searched some recipes, and almost all of them suggest making custard-style ice cream with vanilla beans. Ours was almost exactly like this one. I took a bite (or three) before we put it back in the freezer to set, and it tastes at least as good as Anderson's Frozen Custard in Buffalo, which I daydream about.

I think, though, that I'm most excited about two workouts in the last two days. Granted, I'm easing back in suuuuuuper slowly, but I am so glad that my body's responding well to activity. Yesterday I took a long walk with Jenn, then another long walk with Terry. And today I created a very short but tough back & biceps workout, which I'll share with you tomorrow.

Off to enjoy some time with the hubster, but not before I show you what my cruel neighbors put up on their back patio.



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