Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Raining!

If you're in the LA area, you already know it's raining--not because you can see or hear it but because every news station has dispatched half their reporters to various locations to discuss the weather.

Actually, though, we've all been anticipating the rain all week, and I'm thrilled it's finally here. We needed it, and--bonus--I don't have to drive anywhere today, so I can enjoy it from the comfort of home. (For non-LA folks, rain and the 405 just do not mix. People panic. It's chaos.)

I really meant to publish a post last night, but I hit a wall around--I kid you not--6:30 pm. I almost fell asleep at 7 but managed to really push myself to stay awake. Until 8:30. Terry went over to our neighbor's to tutor their son, and I crashed on the couch. I slept almost straight through the night until about 6:30 am. And today I feel spectacular, so I guess I just needed some sleep!

Before my epic night of sleep, Terry and I had leftovers on the menu for dinner last night. I've been craving crunchy tacos, so I picked up a package of crunchy shells from Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, all but two taco shells were completely broken! So the first night we attempted to eat the tacos as though they were, in fact, tacos, but yesterday I just broke up a bunch of shells and made nachos!

What you see:

  • broken taco shells
  • ground beef sauteed with red bell peppers and Mexican spices (Terry makes this mix at home)
  • shredded pepper jack and Iberico cheeses
  • a whole avocado, diced
  • Greek yogurt (substitute for sour cream)
  • tomatoes (only for Terry)
I've never made homemade nachos before, but it was so simple. If I had thought it through, I would have added black beans and diced onion, but whatever. They were delicious and fun to eat. Terry needed more food, so he also had an apple with cheese slices, but these nachos will certainly make another appearance in the Heinrich household.

Speaking of our house, we're officially beginning the process of getting ready to move out. We've been apartment hunting for several weeks, but yesterday I pulled a bunch of boxes out to start packing, and today we're giving notice to our current place that we'll be leaving at the end of March. I'm surprised to find myself very sad to be leaving this home. It's the longest we've lived somewhere since starting college! This was where we started our marriage, too, which makes it just a little harder to leave. I know I'll be glad to have more space, and of course the experience of welcoming our baby into the new home will make up for being just a teensy bit sad about leaving here, but we're certainly going to cherish this last month!

Our plans for the weekend: yoga, apartment hunting, and a date night tonight; more apartment hunting and packing tomorrow; our first birth class on Sunday!

How's the weather where you are? (<--winner of the Least Interesting Question Award!)


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