Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up and Terry's Birthday!

Another week, another unexpected hiatus from blogging. I've taken on some new responsibilities at work, which have kept me quite busy, and even my evenings have somehow disappeared lately. I hope I'll find ways to slow down over the next few weeks to enjoy this time before baby arrives.

The last few days in particular have been a whirlwind. On Saturday, Terry and I woke up early to take a short hike. I'm trying hard to be consistent with three 30-minute sessions of aerobic activity each week. My options are walking or walking, so at least we have some local hiking trails to keep things interesting. 

Then we headed up to our friends Katie and Corey's daughter's first birthday party at a community park. They went with a Madeline theme (I loved Madeline books as a kid!), and I devoured all the French desserts. A very cute idea for a first birthday! We also got to see our friends Heidi and Ed, who are now less than a week away from their due date, so it was a blast to catch up with everyone. 

Heidi recently put together this little collage of our bump pictures:

It's been so fun to have a close friend pregnant at the same time as me! We text, call, and visit each other often to discuss symptoms, share stories, and compare pregnancy myths we've heard. I am so excited for her and Ed as they prepare for baby Kayla's arrival! 

Saturday afternoon we headed to our hospital for the last time before I go into labor--yikes! We dropped off our pre-admissions paperwork to make the process easier when we get there, and then we had our baby care class. I loved our instructor and learned a ton. I feel very comfortable around babies, but it's different knowing I'm actually responsible for this child's well-being, not just an hour of babysitting. The class had excellent tips on reading baby's cues, adjusting to parenthood, bathing the baby, and lots more.

Saturday night we stayed home and Terry grilled up some incredible lamb. More on that tomorrow!

On Easter, we slept in a little and then I baked a birthday cake!

Terry's birthday was yesterday (Monday), and he requested a marble cake, which I gladly made for him. (The cupcakes were for his coworkers; they have a new tradition going at work where everyone is supposed to bring in a treat for the rest of the group on their birthdays. I love that idea!)

We spent Sunday morning with friends at a brunch, and then we headed to Orange County for Easter dinner with Terry's family. It was so nice to see so many loved ones all in one weekend!

And then came Monday! Happy birthday to this guy!

Terry is just the greatest guy, and I'm so grateful to get to celebrate his birthdays with him. He's the best, and I look forward to many more of his birthdays!

We went out to dinner at Catalina Kitchen in Rancho Palos Verdes at Terranea Resort. They have a birthday special for free surf and turf! It was delicious and a really fun night out together. Then we came home for that cake.

Yummm (if I do say so myself).

Today I had a short work day and spent some time working in the nursery. We have two weeks until our dresser/changing table (a gift from my parents) arrives, and three weeks until we pick up the crib (a gift from Terry's parents), so for now we're just cleaning and preparing the space.

Tonight we took a long walk around our neighborhood (we're finding more and more routes that we like!) and are planning to spend the rest of the evening curled up on the couch before plunging into another day tomorrow. This weekend we're traveling up north to my parents' house for our first baby shower. My aunt is hosting, and I'm so excited to see so many people I love all together!

Let's hope our next meeting won't be too long from now. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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