Sunday, April 6, 2014

Savoring the Weekend

Today marks the end of my spring break, to which I didn't feel especially entitled since I'm not teaching full time, but I still feel like it flew. We spent the first weekend up north visiting my parents; then Terry had to spend a few nights in San Diego for work. I visited him one night (honestly, it was so I could sleep better; I'm just not quite comfortable alone in our new place yet), and then my mom drove down to visit Wednesday through Friday!

When my parents visit, I usually insist on treating them like guests, at least when we hang out at home. I prefer to do most of the cooking and dishes so they can relax on "vacation." But this time, I was glad to let Mom take over. She let me rest while she cooked dinner, and she did most of the cleaning up, too. As I get further along in this pregnancy, I feel more and more inclined to allow others to do things for me, and I'm trying not to feel bad about it. My body needs the rest, and I know I'll need to get used to asking for help when baby's here!

Mom and I also ate out a few times--lunch at Lazy Dog Cafe (her burger was soooo good), dinner at a local Italian place (good not great), and an almond croissant at a nearby bakery, which might be my new favorite walking-distance spot in our neighborhood. French-style pastries just make my taste buds dance, and the mile walk each way is perfect for some exercise.

Friday, Mom left and Terry had a short day of work, but we still kept the evening very mellow with some more unpacking around the house. I was so thankful for leftovers this weekend--I love heating up a pre-made meal and having dinner ready in 10 minutes!

Saturday Terry and I headed out to a baby shower for our friends Heidi and Ed. Baby Kayla will be here within a month! We had a wonderful time catching up with Heidi, Ed, Katie, and Corey (and their almost-one-year-old Ainsley!), plus it was so fun to see Ed's family and meet some new people.

31 weeks

It was a coed shower (Terry's first), and he dove in for all the games!

Heidi looks amazing! She's about 37 weeks and so adorable!

Today we took it super easy. We slept in a little, walked to the store for some staples, made waffles, and hung out on the couch for a couple hours before our birth class. Next week is our last one!

And with that, a new week begins. On the plan for the week:


  • Sunday: 2-mile brisk walk
  • Monday: Upper body strength
  • Tuesday: 2-3 miles
  • Wednesday: Lower body strength
  • Thursday: Easy walk/Rest
  • Friday: Prenatal yoga videos
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Hike or long walk
Meals and snacks:
Annnnnd it's bedtime. Have a great week!


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