Sunday, January 11, 2015

And the Weekend is Over

Last week was a blur. I feel like I say that a lot now. How do the days fly so quickly? I barely posted anything, so I'll do a big catch up post here and hopefully get back on track.

Unfortunately, one downer about last week was my lack of interaction with other adults. Jenn and I made plans to meet up, but it didn't work out; I made plans to go for a walk with my new mom friends, but Marshall had a meltdown right when we were supposed to leave; my parents (aka my BFFs because I'm super cool) are out of the country on yet another exotic getaway. I love spending my days with Marshall, but it certainly can get lonely when the most interaction I get with adults is a five-minute conversation with the grocery store clerk.

Therefore I turned yet again to my other BFFs--Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, and Joey. (Fun fact: That's the order of which Friends I'd want to hang out with the most.) I've had Friends on Netflix every time Marshall has taken a nap in the last week. It's pure comfort TV (which is totally a thing).

When Marshall has been awake lately, it's been a wild ride. He learned how to crawl exactly six days ago, and he's discovered a whole world he didn't realize existed!

What is this?

Does everyone know about this?


But still the best part of the day is when Dad comes home.

One highlight of the week was a stroll along the cliffs with my little sidekick. It was a perfect day!

And I realize now (couldn't see the photos when I took them because of the glare) how terrible this photo is, but we saw WHALES!!! This place is ten minutes from my house! How crazy is that? You can see a whale spouting in this photo--there's a boat at the bottom and the whale is just a little to the left of the boat.

I tried a new dish this week--a cheesy broccoli casserole that turned out to be quite bland. Good thing I doubled the recipe and we're still trying to finish the leftovers.

Scout has been on our laps any time he gets a chance because it's delightfully chilly. Fun fact: he is exactly one-third the weight of Marshall.

One day this week I made a giant pancake. It was perfect.

My hair fell out (and is still falling out, just more slowly) after Marshall was born, and now it's growing back, so I have baby bangs. I texted this photo to my sister-in-law/amazing hair stylist Ashley to show her my baby bangs and grey hair. Guys, I'm stunning.

The first of many times Marshall will look at his mama like she's insane:

This kid held a plank for a solid 30 seconds. I've never been more proud.

On Saturday we all drove up to Simi Valley for my friend Katie's baby "sprinkle" (baby #2 is due next month!). Terry came in to feed Marshall while the ladies laughed at Marshall's hilarious eyebrows. He is so expressive.

Yep, she's ready for two!

Me and Katie, who is just adorable. She is also a fellow Friends fanatic, so obviously I think she has excellent taste.

Today (Sunday) was wonderfully mellow. We all slept until 9(!!!) and then hung around the house until I braved the rain (barely a sprinkle) to grab groceries for the week. Terry and I got all ambitious and started prepping for the week:

  • crock pot chicken (we'll use the chicken in Mexican chicken soup and maybe enchiladas)
  • chicken stock (using the chicken bones)
  • homemade bread
  • roasted peppers (a first for me! easier than I expected and worth the effort!) for roasted pepper and goat cheese sandwiches
We also took Marshall to Barnes and Noble just to play in the kids' section and to choose a few new books for him with gift cards from Christmas. 

Tonight we're watching the Golden Globes (amazing hostesses, as always) and kicking back on the couch. If I feel like the weekdays fly, the weekends are twice as fast. I'm always sad to see Terry go back to work, but hopefully Marshall and I can enjoy a fun week!

Oh, and an update on our goal to run 20 miles in January: We've knocked out 4.5 miles. 20 days left and 15.5 miles to go.

Which Friends character is your favorite? Monica for me! She's the best!


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