Monday, January 12, 2015

Weird, Rough Monday

Oh, hello, Monday. You know, I thought this whole stay at home mom thing would mean Mondays don't hurt as much, but they definitely do. Still, we managed to save the day right at the last second, so I'll take it.

After being awake from 2:15 am to 4:15 am, I decided we would all get the most sleep if Marshall just slept with us. Much as I would love for him to just doze off in his crib after a middle-of-the-night feeding, it doesn't always happen that way. And I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm not totally comfortable yet with just trusting that he'll go back to sleep on his own (not sure why, but I'm not there yet). So I put him back to bed but then I wait until I know he's asleep before going back to sleep myself. Without a video monitor, I have to keep going in to check on him to see him asleep, and of course if he's not quite asleep yet I have to tiptoe back out, wait another little bit, and then check again.

Yes, it gets old. Yes, I've thought about getting a video monitor. Terry isn't totally on board, because we've made it this far, and I've always worried that a video monitor would make me more paranoid than I already am. So here we are for now, until I feel more comfortable. Thankfully this doesn't happen every night!

So anyway--long tangent over--Marshall came in to sleep with us but did wake up crying for some reason (bad dream? teething? who knows?) at 6:45, so we were all awake and just decided to start the day. It was nice to have breakfast with Terry on a weekday, a rarity around here.

After kissing Dad goodbye, Marshall and I had a bit of a rough morning of naps, resulting in an overtired baby and an overtired mom. At some point in the morning, this happened:

Ummm what? The glass part of the lightbulb/heat lamp in our master bathroom just exploded! I was in a completely different part of the apartment when it happened, so I have no clue how, but the glass completely shattered. I can only be grateful that A) the light wasn't on when it happened (when I accidentally hit the light later, smoke appeared almost immediately and would almost certainly have started a fire) and B) Marshall wasn't in the room when it happened (sometimes I put him in his little bouncer or exersaucer thing right next to the cabinets when I take a shower). Annoying as it was, it could have been much worse!

Between the lack of naps and the random lightbulbs exploding, I figured it wasn't my lucky day. Eventually we made it out of the house for a trip to Target, and Marshall sat in the cart for the first time!

(You should have seen how slowly I wheeled that thing around. He loved it though!)

And then we ventured to a nearby park for some fresh air before heading home. We got the little guy to bed a little early to make up for his poor napping and then ate this lemon-arugula pasta from Ina, which was delicious and surprisingly light. We loved it.

We also watched the college football championship and did a quick chest-triceps-core workout, and now I'm off to shower so I can grab a cup of tea and a cookie before bed. So at least this day is ending on a good note! I hope your Monday was better. Here's to Tuesday!


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