Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cabin Fever Random Buys

I love when I get my act together and write all these plans for the week and then come down with a super rough virus that prevents me from wanting to even get out of bed. But alas, I am most definitely sick sick sick. I even skipped dessert last night and barely had an appetite today (that's how I knew it was bad!). 

So let's focus on the positive, shall we?

Random trip to Target, in an effort to get out of the house and cure cabin fever (which happens for us after about four hours of not going out):

I bought a pack of notebooks because I've been writing my billions of lists on random scraps of paper instead of using some semblance of an organized method. Now I have notebooks for days! One will go in the car because I often think of brilliant ideas (er, meal ideas) when we're on a road trip, and we have no paper in the car. Another is for daily to-do lists and whatnot, like what to pack for our trip this weekend. One will be a workout notebook--before I got pregnant I kept a pretty consistent log of most of my workouts, which was a great way to keep track of my progress and see if I was making any improvements. 

The Spot book is for Marshall (shocking, right?) because he's been SUPER interested in reading lately! He likes to read a little on his own, which I'm trying hard to encourage, but he seems to like it best when we read with him. He'll grab a book and hold it out to me, or he'll bring me a book to the couch and I'll pull him up next to me. We'll read through it, then he'll go find another book and bring it back to the couch. I could play that "game" all day. 

The fish t-shirt above was on clearance. I always check the clearance sections at Target, Marshall's, wherever I go to see if they have any good kids' clothes. I have managed to find a lot of cute stuff for around $3-4, which satisfies my itch to buy fun items for Marshall without spending too much.

And then a little greeting card for a friend. I am absolutely TERRIBLE about sending cards and gifts on (or even near) birthdays, despite my best intentions, so maybe I can make up for it by sending unexpected cards randomly throughout the year?

Cuddling has been in full force lately. Marshall didn't cuddle for his entire first year of life (well, not while he was awake), so I'm still a little baffled when he crawls over to me with his thumb in his mouth and wants to cuddle up. It doesn't last more than a few minutes, but it's quite a lovely part of the day.

Last night Marshall slept almost all the way through the night (and thank goodness my sweet husband was willing to get up to put him back to sleep at 4 am), AND he took a beautiful two hour nap today. I sat on the couch for those two hours and did nothing productive. I didn't feel any better after, but I didn't feel worse! Scout joined me under the blanket (yes, in 80+ degree weather I was under a blanket). 

Despite not feeling well enough to do much, I did manage to make a simple dinner (Couscous Greek salad plus pita and hummus--perfect for summer and I can't wait for leftovers), do some laundry, and tidy the house. Terry kindly came home early from work and took Marshall out for a run and to the park. I love when they go out just the two of them (and not just because I get to cook dinner in a quiet house); it's so fun to hear about what Marshall did while they were out! Terry comes back so animated and has such pride in his voice telling me about his son. Adorable.

Photo from yesterday, which I posted on Instagram:

Well, it's almost my bedtime (8 pm, because I can't handle another day of feeling like this), so that's it for now. Hopefully we'll have more adventures to share tomorrow!

When was the last time you were super sick? 

Are you good about sending birthday cards? Teach me your ways!


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