Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fun

Some fun Friday musings:

Workouts this week were great! We did an EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout while watching Jeopardy the other day:

First 10 minutes, every minute: 5 push ups + 10 walking lunges
Second 10 minutes, every minute: 10 plie squats, then hold a plank the rest of the minute

I felt that one way more in my core than I expected!

I've also taken some rest days so I don't dive in too fast to the strength training. I'm trying to be consistent but smart!

Fact: If you want a baby to learn something, you have two choices: A) Show him over and over and over again, repeating yourself endlessly until you feel as though you might go insane, then give up under the assumption that he will never learn it. He will begin exhibiting this skill the day after you give up. Or B) Wait until he learns to do it on his own, which may require more patience than our culture allows.

If you do NOT want a baby to do something, accidentally do it in front of him one time when you don't realize he's looking. He will never unlearn said skill or word. Gotta watch what we say and do around here!

I'm not going to name names, but someone had a super grumpy day yesterday. I hope he was just a little extra tired, as opposed to sick or something.

Wednesday night we used our leftover salmon to make salmon teriyaki bowls. They were SO good! I sauteed some green beans in butter and toasted sesame oil, then added (previously roasted) broccoli and salmon chunks, cooked brown rice, and Trader Joe's Soyaki sauce. Delicious and easy! I'd say it was a little saltier than we're used to, so I would go lighter on the teriyaki next time or find a less salty version.

The return of the farmers' market! I can't believe it took almost two months of living back in West LA before I took Marshall to the Santa Monica farmer's market (Wednesdays, for locals!). It's HUGE, especially in the summer, and Marshall and I had a lovely time looking at all the produce and waving to people.

I'm updating some of our picture frames with family/Marshall photos. I love having recent photos on display, but then I hate putting old ones away, because I loved those, too. Suggestions? 

Marshall has been really great with independent play lately. I love watching him and seeing what he gets himself into. Or under.

Walking boy!

This morning, for a Friday treat, Marshall had his first French toast, and I made mine a stuffed French toast with cream cheese and jam in the middle. YUM.

Special thanks to Jenn and Justin for coming over last night so we could enjoy a date night for our anniversary. We went to Upper West on Pico, and I ordered a (gasp!) salad. Kale and quinoa salad with peaches, feta, was actually delicious. The waitress says she orders it almost every day, and I can see why. It balanced out the blue cheese-bacon potato chips we got as a starter. :-) Terry had the short ribs, which he liked, but he didn't love the side that came with it (a weird potato-gravy thing). We also each ordered a cocktail--cucumber mint martini for me and Manhattan for Terry. Then we hit up Atticus for dessert, which was tasty (we each had ice cream), but I'm more excited about the chocolate peanut butter tart we picked up to enjoy tonight.

I mentioned a few days ago that our friend Amanda gifted us with a week of Blue Apron meals, and we got our shipment today! I'm so excited to try it out. 

On the menu: pork chops, catfish(!), and chicken pitas. I'll report back with the findings.

Terry's awesome gift to me for our anniversary: a pillow from Etsy with the coordinates for UCLA's Royce Quad, which is a nod to the fact that we met in college. I LOVE it! My brother and Ashley have a similar pillow, and I mentioned loving it when we visited them a while back. Ten points to Terry for paying attention! I got him a map of the world with pins so we can pin places we've been, places we want to go, etc. (Thanks to my friend Lulu for pointing me to the Zulily sale several weeks ago!)

Marshall and I are off on some adventures today before Daddy gets off work: the mall (just to window shop...maybe), the park, and a walk. Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

Have you done a Blue Apron-type meal? Thoughts?

What do you do with photos when you switch out old for new in frames?


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