Friday, July 31, 2015

A Few Photos on Friday

It's Friday, and our little family couldn't be happier about it. Terry was on jury duty this week, so his schedule is a little funky, but I love having the mornings with him (er, I guess I love that he's let me sleep in twice this week!). And he's enjoying performing his civic duty as best he can.

We're also still recovering from a rough ride of illnesses these last two weeks. Colds, tummy troubles, even a little eye issue--we are SO over being sick.

This weekend looks like a fun one: My Gym tomorrow morning, then Jenn's baby shower, and no plans yet for Sunday. We're excited to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

I wasn't around much this week, but I wanted to post a few photos just for my own sake. And a few fun links from around the web to share, too. :-)

Gorgeous light at the park

Taking a rest after climbing four stairs at UCLA. 

Our second meal from Hello Fresh! I'll share a more detailed review next week!

Sometimes Marshall empties out his toy box, picks it up, and then sort of whines while he carries it down the hallway. I'm not sure why he does this. But it's adorable.

Gorgeous flowers I got today! :-)

My former Dance Team coach from UCLA was on Extreme Weight Loss! I'm so proud of her, and I loved her honesty in the show. I'm also extremely impressed with what fantastic shape she's in now, AND she's getting certified to teach Cross Fit! (You can catch the episode on Hulu; her episode is titled "Rachel.")

I loved Jimmy Kimmel's heartfelt reaction to this tragedy.

This article struck me. I admire this mom's resolution to find more positive in her days, but I also completely understand her desire to make her husband understand how difficult motherhood is.

Yet another baby came early this week! I used to always hear that first babies usually come late, but over the last two years I've heard dozens and dozens of stories about babies coming early. Congratulations to Julie!

Enjoy your weekend!


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