Monday, January 18, 2016

Bacon Guacamole Sandwiches?

What a week! I survived my illness, but being sick Sunday to Monday really makes for a crazy rest of the week. I have approximately one photo from Tuesday through Friday, but it's a cute one. Marshall and Terry came to meet me on my walk home from work (in Marshall's new wagon!) and saw a fire truck.

The rest of the week remained mercifully uneventful to let us get back on track, and on Friday night I got to sneak out of the house for a few hours to hang out with Amanda. She recommended The Last Five Years on Netflix, a musical starring Anna Kendrick, and I loved it! It's a departure from Anna's normal comedy, and she is truly a phenomenal singer and actress. Plus the night involved ice cream and wine, so we really lived it up!

Saturday morning Marshall and Terry got back in the pool after a months-long hiatus for swim lessons! Marshall wasn't sure what to think...

I got to watch from an observation deck above the pool, so I couldn't always tell what was going on, but there were tears to start and smiles to end the lesson. The pool was pretty cold because all the little ones were shivering when they got out and it took a while to get Marshall warm. Pitiful, but adorable too.

Once Terry gave him a ball to "chase," Marshall was distracted from the cold and happy to splash around.

After swim and lunch, we had a birthday party, which was at a My Gym and so fun! And we were home in time for dinner, which made for a relaxing evening.

On Sunday, Terry wasn't feeling great, so we kept close to home. I found a recipe or two I wanted to try while both boys napped, and ended up prepping food for most of the week.
(I made these donuts, which were awesome!)

Roasted sweet potatoes, donuts, farro (not pictured), and a frittata with spinach, roasted tomatoes, and goat cheese.

Marshall and I had the day off today, and I was so happy for a whole day together! Terry ended up staying home to work, too, so we were all around. Marshall and I took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and then enjoyed a long walk around the block (I love when we aren't in a rush and I can just let him wander at his own pace; he is so funny to watch!). 

He loves stop signs (???), and this is what he did every two steps for at least half a block. 

Future crossing guard, just like his mama. (I kid you not, I won an award for Best Crossing Guard in 6th grade. Proud moment.)

And some food lately:
Mahi mahi (topped with pesto, baked at 375 for 20 minutes), peas, and farro with feta

Salad with greens, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, farro, feta, and an egg. YUM.

New bowls! I've been meaning to find some soup/pasta bowls for a while and finally did! Also, this was tonight's dinner, a savior from the freezer. (I hadn't labeled it, so on our meal plan it was literally "Mystery Soup." I'm so glad it turned out to be Mexican chicken soup

Tonight's dessert: donuts! I dipped the 100 Days of Real Food donuts in melted butter, then in a little sugar and cinnamon. Heavenly. 

We've been rocking our workouts (minus a few sick days here and there) and eating at home almost exclusively, hence my inability to find time to write here. My workouts this week look as follows:

Sunday: yoga and walk 
Monday: Heavy upper body weights
Wednesday: Rest / Yoga for stretching
Thursday: Upper body with light cardio (long walk/easy jog)
Friday: HIIT of some sort
Saturday: Rest

Since I'm doing two intense workouts (Tuesday and Friday), my other days are pretty light this week. 

Our dinners this week are completely unknown at the moment. I used all my creative energy on breakfast (frittata, which will be reheated each day all week) and lunch (big salads most of the week). I seriously sat staring at my blank menu planning page for half an hour and came up with "bacon guacamole sandwiches." WHAT?! THAT'S NOT A THING! And we don't even have guacamole! We'll see what we pull out of thin air when we get home tomorrow and have no ingredients!

Hope your week is off to a magnificent start! 


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