Monday, January 11, 2016

Sick Weekend

It's been a rough few days for our little family. Thursday night Marshall made a sound I've never heard before, and I raced into his room to discover he had thrown up. Oddly, he had also somehow gotten his blanket over his head, so I thought maybe he hadn't been able to get it off and panicked, hence the throw up. But after we changed him, changed the sheets, and got all settled in bed again, we heard, "Uh oh!" and found another sad puddle in his crib. We brought him into our bed, where he cuddled awhile and threw up yet again, but thankfully that was it. He slept the rest of the night in his crib (we didn't have anymore mattress covers, so we layered a few towels in case of another incident). 

Kids are amazing, though. He was smiling and laughing and asking to play in between each time he got sick. He seemed completely healthy and fine; I was truly baffled. We all stayed home the next day; Terry worked a bit from home and Marshall and I hung out to keep things mellow. Unfortunately, we offered him breakfast and lunch and he threw all that up, too, so we stuck to a liquid diet the rest of the day. He seemed totally fine the rest of the weekend (aside from being angry about not getting food), so I'm glad it was a quick bout for him.

(drinking broth)

We laid low the rest of the weekend. Terry and Marshall were supposed to have their first swim lesson, but we opted out in case M had anymore stuff coming out of him. We did stop at a high school basketball game for about an hour to watch our friend Justin coach! It was so fun to see him in action and to catch up with Jenn a bit.

Sunday I suggested doing something different, so we decided on a walk by the beach.

Marshall kept saying, "Beach! Beach!" We're pretty sure he had no idea what the beach was until he saw it, but he was excited.

And in the afternoon we brought out the wagon and walked to the park for some play time. 

And then I started in on a workout, which was going along nicely until I suddenly felt nauseous. I stopped my workout, rested a bit, and sure enough, within two hours I was throwing up too. It was awful. I got sick four or five times, then slept until Marshall woke up at 5. But Terry got up with M (more on that later), and I basically stayed in bed until 2 pm. Thankfully, tonight I finally feel much better. I ate a piece of bread and some applesauce and have been able to keep liquids down, so I'm on my way to recovery. 

And now a mushy note about my amazing husband: Terry has been absolutely incredible over the last 24 hours. He stood outside the door each time I was sick so I'd know he was there. He cleaned up after me and then cleaned the house today. He stayed home from work to take care of me. He slept on the floor next to me because we hadn't washed the sheets yet. He woke up with Marshall, took care of all the morning routines, got him to and from day care, and still worked several hours. Tonight he made minestrone from scratch for him and Marshall to enjoy. He was tireless and truly gave me and Marshall the best care, stepping up to the huge challenge of parenting on his own for a day. I don't know how single parents do it, but I am yet again grateful for my amazing husband.

In other news, here are some photos I found on my phone:

This salad we're obsessed with: roasted sweet potato (butternut squash would also work), farro, walnuts, feta, and greens with balsamic vinegar. So delicious!

And a tasty breakfast: toast with sliced avocado topped with an egg. Easy but looks fancy. 

We've been loving the rain around here! I hope more is on the way. Plus, Marshall looks super cute in his raincoat and keeps calling the umbrella a "cane" (??? how does he know what a cane is?).

The skies have been killer lately. 

And now I'm off to bed to kick this thing completely. Wish me luck!


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