Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Workout and a WIAW

Folks, we have two days left in the work week (unless you're my husband and have Friday off), so how's about a midweek workout?

This strength workout focuses on the entire back of the body. Very often I find myself creating workouts for my upper body or lower body. While that division (called the transverse plane) is legitimate, the body can also be divided into left and right (the sagittal plane) and the coronal plane or frontal plane. The last divides the body into front and back halves, so I thought that this week I would work on the front half Monday, back half Wednesday.

Honestly, Monday's workout wasn't great, as I mentioned, so I'm going to rework it before I share. But this morning's superset workout was great!

It's not an I'm-going-to-be-sore-for-three-days type of workout, but it strengthens muscles I usually ignore and focuses on stability at points.

Some pointers:

We finished up our workout with 15 minutes of 60 sec/60 sec HIIT. My IT band was aching a bit (I haven't been doing a good job of foam rolling lately), so I stuck to incline walking (4.5 mph + 12 incline / 4.0 mph + 6 incline), but my heart was RACING during those fast intervals! 

And now for a day of delicious delectables:

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6:30 am - Breakfast
Greek yogurt with peanut butter and honey, plus tea

10:30 am - Snack

1:00 pm - Lunch
Brown rice cake from Trader Joe's (new to me--super bland but great crunch to put tuna on!) with tuna; 1/2 pear; 1/2 cup blackberries

4:00 pm - Snack
Chocolate cookie and bowl of Erewhon Raisin Bran

6:45 pm - Dinner
Two servings (!!) whole wheat spaghetti alla carbonara plus Caesar salad with homemade dressing

8:30 pm - Dessert
Two chocolate cookies and a glass of milk

Hope you had a great Wednesday! 48 hours to the weekend! (But who's counting?)


  1. Yumm Those cookies look great! Also looks like a good workout! I will have to pin this.

  2. those cookies look so delicious, if you sent me some i could not be mad at all :)

  3. Those cookies...drool. ;)

    Love all the workouts you've been creating lately. I really need to start getting more creative with my workouts again, especially since it's a great way to keep using all the knowledge from studying.

  4. I think stability is something I love doing in a strength workout, I feel like it is the only thing that really engages my core

  5. Hi Julie- You're totally right that rice cakes taste like cardboard on their own, but here are three wonderful ways to fancy them up:
    + My go-to: Rice cake topped with sliced/mashed avocado, sliced tomato, and fresh cracked pepper with flaky sea salt
    + Breakfasty: Rice cake topped with thin layer of Neufchatel cheese (like cream cheese) and raspberry jam
    + Snacky: Rice cake topped with peanut butter and slices of banana