Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Feeling It

Today was just one of those days. Terry and I did, indeed, get up at 4:45 to hit the gym, but it was ugly. Neither of us felt even remotely inspired, and--despite plenty of planning on my part--I just didn't want to do the workout. So when I got to the gym, I wasn't my usual go-big-or-go-home self. We were working through a drop-sets upper body routine, and I selected lighter weights than I normally would. I did two circuits instead of my usual three. When it came time to hop on the treadmill, I did a walking workout, which barely spiked my heart rate enough to be called a workout.

Yet, the entire time, I heard myself saying, "Well, I could be sleeping right now, so at least this is better than that."

Is it, though? Honestly, it may have been better for me to skip the half-assed morning workout and complete a much more productive workout in the afternoon instead. As it was, I told myself that I had worked out, but it certainly wasn't up to my normal standards. This afternoon I could have really benefited from another 30-minute walk or something, but I didn't do it.

There's nothing wrong with a light workout day, but I didn't feel the need for that today, and it wasn't part of my weekly plan. Truth be told, I was craving noodle arms and a tough HIIT workout. Instead I just felt that ugh feeling all day of being tired and lethargic and kind of grumpy.

I have a terrific recipe (a la Terry!) for you, but I'm going to hit the sack early to recharge for tomorrow. I need some sleep, but I also need to adjust this attitude to make tomorrow a much better day.

What do you do when you just aren't feeling it?


  1. A kick a$$ workout usually always follows a not-so-stellar, or light one :)

  2. i'm with you - i'm not sure forcing my way through a workout is worth it. lots of times i think it's because my body is craving rest and i'm TRYING to take rest days when i want them even if sometimes it's hard for me to deviate from the plan. still though, i'm proud of you for still going early in the morning! i'm impressed with your ability to stick with it!

  3. These days happen and we can't get on ourselves too much for them. I remind myself that they are what they are and help us appreciate those really kick ass workouts when they come. :)

    P.S. Are you coming to Blend?

  4. way to go on sticking to it, i think we all have those days where we just can't get in a workout. at least you did something, normally I just take it as a rest day

  5. Meant to tell you earlier, I love this post -- thank you for your honesty! Happy to hear that it's not just me -- even the inspirational people have their off days (: