Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disgustingly Sweaty

Well hey there! Been awhile, huh? Jenn texted this morning to tell me she feels like she doesn't even know me anymore because I haven't posted since Wednesday. But I'm back! I know you were getting nervous...

Let's review some highlights before things get out of hand:

  • We hit the gym early Thursday morning for this cardio workout:

  • But we skipped the gym Friday morning in favor of a little extra sleep. 
  • Thursday night we had a blast hanging out with fellow UCLA alums and watching the Bruins beat the Wildcats at South, a local bar and restaurant. The environment was super fun (another table was filled with Arizona fans!), but the menu definitely caters to those looking to indulge. I felt kinda gross the rest of the night from all the fried greasiness. 
  • Yesterday marked the last day of first semester, so I'm officially halfway done with the school year. I can't believe how quickly those five months flew!
  • Friday afternoon we finally made it to the gym; Terry did a full-body circuit workout while I loosened up my legs with 30 minutes of cardio. 
Jenn and I bought an unlimited yoga pass for a local studio and took our first class yesterday. The tiny studio was packed, despite my prediction that the rain would keep people at home. False. Rain, apparently, encourages people to attend their yoga classes. And it was HOT (though, oddly, not a hot yoga class), so by the end fourth pose we were all drenched. I've never been so disgustingly sweaty--the teacher actually told us all to wipe up the floor after class because we had dripped all over. GROSS. Thankfully the awesome class made it all worth it.

After a much-needed shower and a seriously delicious salad (avocado, greens, balsamic, red onion, salt, and pepper), Terry and I headed out to celebrate a scuba buddy's birthday at a local pub. It was so fun to meet some new folks, but we didn't get home until midnight, so there was no way a post was happening.

We've decided to take a rest day today; our bodies are achy and tired from a week of great workouts. We woke up slowly, enjoyed scrambled eggs for breakfast, and did a little work. For lunch, I had a major craving for a cafe-style sandwich and salad. Some Yelping helped us decide on Amandine, a nearby French cafe we hadn't even noticed before. We shared the turkey avocado sandwich (I wasn't impressed with the bread and wished it had come on a baguette, but otherwise it was tasty), and I loved the simple side salad. Terry also got a bowl of ratatouille, which really hit the spot. It's even warm enough in LA today that we were able to sit outside!

This afternoon I whipped up a batch of Ina Garten's Blueberry Muffins with a streusel topping, a little splurge that I'll likely send to work with Terry. I love baking, but I often find myself wishing I could just bake a few servings. Ah, the troubles in life.

Some awesome healthy reading for your weekend:


  1. i really like that workout,I may try it next time I forced to take the treadmill because of weather. looks like a killer

  2. i feel exactly the same way about baking! i will make a batch of muffins and i'll save about 4 for myself to eat throughout the week and take the rest to school with me and force them on my coworkers. i usually don't have to work that hard to get people to take them off my hands ;) the worst part is when i make something that isn't really delicious because then i feel like i can't bring it to work (don't want people to think i can't bake!) but i hate to throw anything away. tough life ;)

  3. I am the same way when it comes to baking. I almost always send the leftovers w/ him into work. Sometimes I'll use our small muffin pan when I just want single serving sizes for myself.