Thursday, January 10, 2013

Core and Cardio

Guys, I have to confess something: I didn't do my workout this morning. I woke up at 4:50, but I simply didn't get up. I tossed and turned for another hour before finally getting ready for work. 

But you know, sometimes the world works in funny ways. Work was tougher than usual today, and my cardio session - though later than planned - helped relieve all that stress. So I don't feel too guilty for breaking my New Year's resolution on the first week, and we'll be back to it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's that cardio routine that made me feel fantastic at the end of the day:

The idea here was

  • 5 minutes at a moderate run
  • 2 minutes light
  • 5 minutes medium difficulty
  • 2 minutes light
  • 5 minutes medium-high difficulty
  • 2 minutes light
  • Then repeat with 3 minute/1 minute intervals.

It was tough, and I completed just over four miles in about 40 minutes. I also tackled the following core workout:

It's important to work all parts of our core, including obliques and lower back, so this circuit incorporates those muscle groups. It also switches between stable and unstable environments, which challenges the muscles further.

Despite waiting until 5:30 to work out, I had a great time running to my music and toughing out a few rounds of this ab circuit. And now I'm off to bed because tomorrow we're back on the morning workout train!


  1. Nothing like a great workout to relieve some stress! I've been focusing more on my core via some specialized classes lately, it's been challenging but I can tell it's good for me!

  2. i think the WORST part about not getting up is then when you can't fall back asleep anyway...i always lay there thinking i just should have gotten up if i wasn't going to be able to sleep more anyway. regardless, i'm so glad you got to use your workout to get that stress out! happy friday!

  3. Hey, you got a workout in :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. those are both great workouts! The core is where I really want to get stronger as well