Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just When I Think I Have My Life Together...

Several times today I found myself asking, "Is it really only Tuesday?" I hit up happy hour with some coworkers after school, and they said they were feeling the same way. On his way home from work, Terry said it feels like a Friday. I guess we're all dragging a bit, huh?

Terry spent last night in San Diego for work; in fact, he's spent about one night there each week for the last month or so. Of course I miss him when he's away, but his absence also emphasizes his importance around the house. We normally help each other out in the morning, for example: I cook breakfast, he feeds the cat; I make lunch, he packs it.

So today I left the house without putting away the cat food. And guess what scene I happened upon when I arrived home?

What'd I do?

Just in case I ever wanted to think I have my life together, I have myself to remind me that, in fact, I do not.

 I also made a salad that seemed like it would taste delicious: spinach, pecans, strawberries, peaches, and balsamic...but it was way too sweet or tangy or something. I think it would have been better with some blue cheese. Or a burger.

My most successful meal today was a smoothie. Goes to show you, huh?

Thank goodness the rest of the day--teaching, happy hour with coworkers, a lower body strength workout--went far more smoothly than those first missteps. Thank goodness tomorrow's the halfway point!

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  1. "I think it would have been better with some blue cheese. Or a burger." <- hahaha! love it! OR BOTH!! ;)

    I used to feel the same way when my ex went out of town for business...I was like, "wait...I have to clean out the litter box AND take out the trash?!!" Lol