Friday, June 28, 2013

Technology Rocks

Please forgive my absence--and tonight's short post. I had  much longer post ready to go, until I accidentally deleted it. Apparently you can't recover a post if you don't save it. I love technology. 

So one highlight of this week was lunch at Huckleberry, a cafe in Santa Monica that I've heard about for awhile. I love the ambiance of this place and even commented to my coworker that I felt like we were in France. Sadly, we weren't. But the food was delicious!

(Source - I didn't whip out my camera this time)

I went for the burrata and roasted pepper sandwich and loved every bite. We even made friends with the people at the tables on either side of us and discovered that they loved their meals, too. (Is this normal behavior? The tables were super close together, so I can only assume the restaurant owners want us all to chat.)

Yesterday and today Terry needed to work in San Diego, so I joined him. I spent my time shopping, reading, and relaxing (rough life, I know). I met Terry and his coworker for lunch both days, and we joined a few more coworkers for dinner last night at Ponce's Mexican Restaurant. Terry's enchiladas suizas won the dish-off (<--HIMYM reference!), but my vegetable fajitas were tasty. I am already looking forward to going back to try more!

Otherwise, my days have been filled with chores around the house, kickass workouts from Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up (I'm still sore from Monday's workout!), and other miscellany. Can we agree to use the word "miscellany" more often?


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