Sunday, June 30, 2013

Six Months of Awesome

Yesterday Terry and I joined some friends to celebrate Jocelyn's birthday at a local spot near Pacific Palisades beach. Jocelyn's husband Nick organized everything, including the location, lunch, and sports equipment. We even lucked out with a cool cloud cover--otherwise it would have been way too hot.

We spent the day playing beach volleyball (which explains my oddly sore muscles today), devouring sandwiches and snacks, people watching, and wishing Joc a very happy birthday.

After our fun yesterday, today turned into Sunday Funday Workday. We plowed through a bunch of chores, tackled a few errands, and managed to squeeze in a long walk in the afternoon. We also had to pack our bags, because tomorrow morning we leave for Maui! Terry and I will spend the week in paradise for a beginning-of-summer vacation.We plan to soak up some sun, hike, try local foods, and read. Not a bad way to spend the 4th of July!

We'll wake up early tomorrow morning for a workout before our flight (I'm thinking about a 30-minute HIIT + some yoga), but I also plan to continue my normal workout schedule while we're there. I find that I can enjoy vacation (lounging and eating) so much more if I get a workout in before the day's activities begin. Below I've linked some no-equipment-required workouts that I'm keeping in my back pocket for non-hiking days.

Any no-equipment workouts you recommend?

Also, we are now (as of Monday morning) officially halfway through the year. Is that crazy?! I think it's crazy. So I couldn't help but think about ways to make the rest of the year awesome. The first half felt fantastic, but why not make the rest even better? I'll start brainstorming on our flight tomorrow, but I feel like go somewhere exotic is a great goal to check off the list on the first day!

How will you make the next six months your best yet?


  1. Have a great time in Hawaii! Good luck keeping up your workouts. I usually find it difficult, despite good intentions, to keep up with anything besides running on vacation. Aloha!

  2. it has been EONS since I did the DECK OF CARDS HIIT.
    Im in.

  3. so fun!! deck of cards is always a great work!!