Sunday, February 16, 2014

Walking Weekend

This weekend completely wore me out! It was by far the best Valentine's Day weekend I've had in years, though, even if I won't be able to move tomorrow. For starters, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Terry and I took advantage of our day off together on Friday by taking a hike at Escondido Falls in Malibu. Our hiking book claimed it was easy and flat, but my huffing and puffing suggested otherwise, and those 3.5 miles kicked my butt!

That bump gets me tired SO quickly now!

Unfortunately, those "falls" weren't exactly falling. We spotted a small trickle of water, but this spot was sad proof of LA's crazy drought.

Terry and I loved the hike, and we'll keep it in mind for future outings. Later, we played some Scrabble. Try not to be jealous of our awesome romance.

Despite my rocky start, I won!

Who gets letters like these?

For dinner on Valentine's Day, we went our usual route, but with a twist: fondue made with pepper jack cheese!

Our dippers: blanched broccoli, hunks of sourdough bread, baby carrots, apples, and celery

We also watched Annie Hall, a classic we hadn't seen. It's always referenced in How I Met Your Mother, so we finally rented it and thought it was great. Definitely a different style from what we're used to but funny and endearing. As a Seinfeld fan, I saw a lot of the same type of humor, so I recommend it to my fellow Seinfeld lovers!

Saturday morning we couldn't sleep in, but we had agreed to take turns making each other breakfast in bed this weekend! Talk about an easy way to pamper your significant other. I highly recommend it. :-) I went first and made us French toast.

Then Terry suggested walking to Target for our quick shopping trip, which logged four miles for us. We spent the rest of the day apartment hunting (more walking), relaxing, catching up on some Downton Abbey, and then heading out for a little date night. Of course, we walked the mile or so to dinner, so we were at nearly seven miles for the day!

We wound up at Burger Lounge, a restaurant that focuses on grass-fed and responsibly-raised meat. Terry tried the grass-fed elk burger, and I had the Lounge burger (grass-fed beef). The flavor is phenomenal!

We also split a shake on the walk home, and it was delicious!

This morning we slept in a bit more, and Terry make me a scrambled egg burrito in bed. Scout was thrilled.

And we decided to round out the weekend of walking a million miles with a "quick" walk to the farmer's market. Turns out, I was completely wiped out from the previous two days. By the time we got half a mile from the apartment, my back hurt, my legs and hips felt sore, and I was completely out of breath. We slowed way down and even took some breaks. Needless to say, I think pregnancy has taken its toll on me this weekend! I'll be resting tomorrow for sure.

Still, the walk to the market was totally worth it, because my sweet Valentine bought me these gorgeous flowers!

After some more apartment hunting, I took a suggestion from a friend to try swimming for back pain relief. I'm not totally sure how well it worked, but it did feel lovely to float around in the pool. I even soaked my feet in the hot tub to relax my sore toes.

Dinner tonight was our favorite grilled veggie kebabs with pita and goat cheese. A great way to end a wonderful weekend. I'm exhausted, but I can't really complain about all that time with my hubby!

Off to get some rest before another day of apartment hunting tomorrow. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That fondue sounds AMAZING! I am a cheeseaholic but I've never actually had fondue and I think that needs to change!