Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Well, this week hasn't exactly proceeded as planned. Yesterday around 11 am, Marshall woke up from a nap crying inconsolably and just wouldn't stop. Except two more short naps (in the Ergo, because he screamed louder if I put him down), he screamed for four hours. I was at a total loss for how to help the poor little guy. My best guess is teething. 

Needless to say, those errands I mentioned didn't happen yesterday. Instead we spent most of the day pacing around the house, cuddling, trying to find distractions to help Marshall calm down. I'm not sure I've ever been happier to see my husband come home on time from work!

After that nightmare, I was thrilled with my earlier decision to throw a chicken in a crock pot for dinner. All I had to do was mix up the ingredients for my favorite cornbread and saute some greens for creamed spinach. Great meal, and easy to make even with a fussy baby. 

Today has been much, much better. Marshall and I took off early in the morning for some shopping, and he did great! I was so relieved to have my happy buddy back!

And practicing his rocking on his hands and knees!

All over the blogosphere I've been reading about other families' holiday traditions. It's so fun to see what other people do around this time of year and read what makes Christmas special. I remember as a kid I felt like every year needed to have a few key elements, like leaving cookies and milk (later wine...hmm...) for Santa, opening stockings on my parents' bed, and eating my mom's breakfast casserole with a Cinnabon cinnamon roll on the side (my mom would buy one a day or two before Christmas and reheat it on the day). Terry says his favorite traditions from his childhood were spending Christmas Eve at his grandparents' house, eggnog and pastries on Christmas morning, and decorating the house for Christmas. 

Now that I'm older, married, and a mom, I still have a few must-do items for Christmas:
  • Watch Christmas favorites, like Love Actually and Charlie Brown Christmas. 
  • Listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree and/or wrapping gifts. 
  • Drive or walk around to look at Christmas lights.
We're starting to develop some new Christmas traditions this year with our first baby celebrating his first holiday season. I wonder which ones will stick and which will give way to other traditions in the future. Hopefully Marshall will come to appreciate the little things we do as a family. Terry and I both talk all the time about how much we each loved our traditions growing up, and I hope we can give that gift to Marshall. 

Tonight, we are heading out to check out Christmas lights near our neighborhood. When Marshall goes to bed, we'll drink some hot cocoa and wrap gifts by our tree. I can't imagine a more wonderful way to celebrate the season than spending this festive time with my two favorite people. 

What makes it feel like the holidays to you?

What's your funniest Christmas memory? Once I heard my mom scream in the living room, and when I ran out to find her she was buried under our giant Christmas tree, which had fallen on top of her. At 5-foot-tall, my mom was no match for our 17-foot tree that year! I couldn't help but laugh. And then I probably eventually helped her.


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