Monday, December 1, 2014

Marshall: Six Months

Our sweet, happy little boy is already half a year old!

(I forgot to take a giraffe picture this month!)

19 pounds, 6 ounces
28.75 inches tall

You wear 9-month and 12-month clothes, but I bought you a 9-month fleece sleeper and the thighs are too tight because you have adorably gigantic thighs.

Nicknames: Bug, Marsh, Bright Eyes (almost everyone who sees you calls you this--even people who've never met you before!)

This month was huge developmentally, and I know those milestones are going to continue to surprise us at every turn.

(Finally figured out a good use for this little dry erase board JanJan bought you.)

The big step we took as a family this month was moving you to your crib in your own room to sleep (over a month ago!). You are doing great. You wake up once every night, usually around 4 or 5 am, but sometimes you wake up more often. When Dad's not working the next day, he helps you get back to sleep or brings you in for me to feed you and then gets you back to bed. If you wake up after 4 or 5, we just bring you to our room to sleep. It's nice to cuddle, you sleep longer, and we don't have to stay up waiting for you to go back to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, another big change this month was how you sleep. You're suddenly all over the place! You used to sleep on your back all night, even after you learned how to roll. Now, though, you roll onto your side or tummy almost immediately when we put you down, and who knows where we'll find you five minutes later? You can scoot all over your crib, and sometimes we'll find you just hanging out on your tummy, looking around the room.

Some other fun developments this month:

You can sit up now! One day, all of a sudden, you were able to sit up without any help. You still topple over now and then, and you've bumped your head on the floor a time or two, but you are getting really steady! You seem so proud of yourself when you're sitting up all tall.

You also suddenly figured out how to roll in all directions. For a long time it was only back to tummy and only to one side. Now you can roll any way you want, and you spend most of your time on your belly. You also just recently started pushing up with your hands, so we think you'll get to a crawling position sometime soon.

You started sucking your thumb this month. It's adorable. It's also only your right thumb, and only when you're tired. But you stopped taking your pacifier, and you can soothe yourself back to sleep sometimes.

You're much more talkative now! You babble, say syllables over and over, and scream, especially when you're tired.

You're also starting to recognize people, I think. You know me and Daddy, of course, but you're also starting to know who your grandparents are! You're quick to smile for them and happy to be with them!

You smile for certain songs we sing you ("Cups" for me and "The Wiggle Song" for Dad).

You've really discovered Scout this month, too. You seem fascinated by him, and you even pet him gently whenever he's willing to get close enough to you.

We also slowly started introducing you to solids this month. You're just kind of munching on whatever we have--carrots, zucchini, avocado, cucumber, butternut squash, and apple. You have ingested virtually none of it, but it's fun to watch your expression as you try to figure it all out.

Oh, and teething has officially begun. We're not sure if you actually have any teeth, but we don't see anything yet. Still, you have all the signs: drooling, red cheeks, gnawing on anything you find, chomping your gums together. We won't be surprised to see teeth soon!

Marshall, every month becomes more and more fun with you. We love getting to know your hilarious personality, and we're so excited to see what's next. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives!


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