Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Successes and Failures Part II

Why is it even a possibility in my life to write this type of post again? Why am I such a mess? Should we not ask these questions?

Oh, well. Here are some successes and failures lately.

Success. Starting positively...Jenn and I met for a workout today! AND--bonus--Terry came but took Marshall for a stroll so Jenn and I could work out just the two of us like old times. It was SO fun! I really haven't done much of anything without Marshall--aside from a trip to the store here and there, plus one massage--since May, so it was such a treat to get to spend some time with my pal. Here's what we did:

Warm up: Jog 1 minute, walk 2 minutes--3 rounds (9 minutes)
10 minute park workout: 30 seconds of work, then 30 seconds calf raises before moving on to the next exercise

  • Squat to Hip Abduction (right side)
  • 180 Squat Jumps
  • Squat to Hip Abduction (left side)
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Stationary Lunge Pulses (right side)
  • Plie Squats
  • Stationary Lunge Pulses (left side)
  • Star Jumps
  • One-Leg Glute Raises* (right side)
  • One-Leg Glute Raises* (left side)
*Since the grass was wet, we did one-leg deadlifts instead.

Then, to wrap up: Jog 1 minute, Walk 1 minute for a total of 10 minutes

It was perfect; I definitely think we'll be feeling it tomorrow, but we were able to keep up a conversation throughout the workout. Bonus: No equipment required!

Failure: Virtually no pictures for WIAW, with one exception (below). I have no excuses. But you should look at other people's food pictures, because that's always fun.

Success: I have made it a goal in my life to have friends who think of me when they see funny things and then send me those funny things. Here's what Jenn sent me tonight.

Failure: Today I thought up what I hoped would be an incredible lunch: whole wheat toast with melted brie and crushed blackberries (I toasted the bread, then topped it with the cheese and berries and put everything in the oven for 15 minutes to get the berries to burst). And really, it was quite tasty--except I managed to flip one of my pieces onto the counter (upside down, obviously). Bye, berries. I didn't even take a photo of my disaster because I was so upset.


Success: Marshall is starting to learn how to get into a crawling position! I get to take credit for his successes, right?

(I haven't gotten a photo of the crawling position yet, but you know what it looks like.)

Failure: I keep wearing the wrong workout clothes. Usually I am pretty chilly in our apartment, and I figure (despite experience continuing to prove me wrong) that in December it should be nice and crisp outside, so I continue to try to wear pants and long sleeves to work out. And then I get outside and it's 75 degrees and I'm dying a slow, hot death. This evening I got smart and wore shorts to work out with Jenn, and of course it got dark and cold before we even started. 

Success: I finally went to a Stroller Strides class! (Fun fact: I last wrote about my inability to attend during my last successes and failures post. I love when life comes full circle like that.) I thought the workout part was pretty light, very manageable for new moms, anyone getting back in shape, even pregnant ladies (two moms who attended are pregnant with their second kids!). The tough part is that kids are so unpredictable, so at any given moment at least one kid was upset about being in the stroller. Still, I got to see a few moms I've seen before, we all got outside, I tried something new, and Marshall got to interact with some of the other babies at the end of class. 

Failure: Yesterday I went to the store for eggs and milk (and only those two items), and then I got distracted by candy canes and chocolate chips (what?). Guess what I didn't buy? So then today we had to make an emergency stop on our way home from the park to grab milk because we couldn't go another day without hot chocolate. 

Success: Dinner was a winner! Roasted spaghetti squash with homemade sauce (onion, carrot, celery, garlic, canned tomatoes, wine, tomato paste, some dried herbs, lots of simmering...), plus some greens thrown in for good measure. Delicious.

You decide: Success or failure? My family and I have been texting back and forth the last few days on a variety of topics. Tonight included the "storm of the century" that's about to hit Northern California (they have closed most schools for tomorrow--what?!). My dad and brother are both Eagle Scouts, so I got these texts:

Should I feel proud that he's so ready? (My brother later texted a similar photo...despite his original sarcastic response.) Should I feel worried that Marshall will be inheriting at least some of these nerdy genes? Should I feel fear for the residents of Northern California? Or should I just call it a night and have another glass of wine? 

I choose the wine. Goodnight, friends.

Any successes or failures lately? Come on...make me feel better.


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