Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Marshall: Seven Months

Happy seven months to our baby boy! (I'm calling you that because it won't be long before I can't anymore. How quickly you're growing!)

One month, two months, three months

Four months 

Five months

(I totally missed the six-month shot.)

On December 23, you turned seven months old. At the doctor on the same day, you weighed 20 pounds 6 ounces. They didn't get your height, but I imagine it's a solid inch or so above your last measurement

Honestly, this last month felt a little slower (in a good way!) than your sixth month. It seemed you got to a point where you paused making giant leaps and took a second to hone some skills before revving up for another round of fast development. For most of the month we thought you were close to getting a tooth, like the Worst Day Ever when nothing could calm you down. Still no teeth! And then there have been lots of times when we thought you might start crawling, but you're staying put for now.

But let's back up a bit. As for those skills you're honing, you've gotten much faster and smoother in rolling around. Now you roll every direction, with gusto! You're rarely on your back anymore--in fact we noticed that the last few days you've spent a few minutes on your back babbling and playing with toys, and we found it strange because you usually roll right to your belly. 

Speaking of babbling, you're talking so much now! By "talking" I mean making incomprehensible noises, but you are definitely chatty. We're seeing a little bit of call and response (we ask you a question and pause and you say something back), plus you love to scream loudly when you're excited or overtired. So that's fun.

You're also a champion sitter! You can reach in all directions and rarely fall over from sitting. You can also pick up toys of various sizes from sitting, which is new and adorable. It's fun to see you enjoying that new perspective. You can see Scout better now, and you like to "say hi" to him (you make the same noise every time you see him, so I assume it's a greeting). 

The big milestone this month was getting up to a crawling position. You can now confidently push your way onto all fours, and you rock like you're about to go somewhere, but then you usually collapse back to your belly. We often find you up on your hands and knees in the middle of the night, practicing your rocking, but it always makes me a little sad because you're so tired and it's almost as though you can't help but try to crawl at 2 am. Poor guy.

As for sleep, things are going well. We made two trips this month--to visit each set of grandparents--and you surprised us with great naps and long night sleep in each place. We thought the change of scenery and unfamiliar location would disrupt you, but you did great, and we're happy that for now you adjust well to travel. At home you sleep best--in your own crib you sleep quite comfortably, day and night.

Here's what our daily "schedule" looks like on a normal weekday:
5:30 am or so - You wake up to eat, we get you out of your crib and change your diaper and then snuggle back into bed together
8:00 am - You're up again for the day, play time!
10:00 am - First nap of the day, either 45 minutes or 90 minutes (I almost always have to try to help you back to sleep at the 45-minute mark, and about half the time you will go back to sleep)
11:30 (or 10:45) - More play, and usually an outing to a store or the park

1:30 or 2:00 - Another nap, same as before
Between 3 and 4 pm - More play, maybe one more outing, and hang out while I start dinner and we wait for Daddy to come home
5:30 ish (or whenever Daddy gets home) - Dinner!
6:30 or so - Bath, nurse, story, bed (usually asleep by 7:30) 

It's nice to have a little more consistency to our routine, even if it still varies now and then.

And the other big step this month was starting solid foods! At first, we tried baby-led weaning, but you really weren't ready for it. You played with the food, but you managed to "bite" off huge chunks of the stuff we gave you, and after two close calls, we decided to go with purees and come back to baby-led weaning in a few months. Meanwhile, we're having so much fun with purees, and you seem really happy to be part of mealtimes now. So far, you've tried broccoli (steamed and pureed with breast milk), applesauce, mashed banana, mashed potato, pumpkin, and butternut squash soup (including butternut squash, apple, onion, chicken soup, and curry powder). 

Oh, and--dare I say it?--we feel as though the spit up might--might--finally be getting better. We have noticed a significant improvement this month, with less frequency and less volume. Here's hoping we'll see it disappear in a few months!

We are so excited to watch you explore your world, little guy. We can't wait to see what this month and the new year hold in store for our little family!

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